Sunday, January 24, 2010

Playing Possum?

The Doodles spotted this Opossum not playing 'possum, I think...or is it a Possum not playing Opossum...I'm confused...never mind.

While at the BirdMobile, there would be no excuse for not making the trek to Magee Marsh and the boardwalk. I had hopes with the 'warm' temperatures the weatherman spoke of we may find a few birds, maybe an early warbly thing(hah!)...too bad the warm temps were still at the freezing point and the birds, once again, were smarter than the birders and stayed hidden from us.

Maybe next time...

The south end of a north bound Opossum.

Is this what they mean by 'feeling a little grubby'?

The only birds that sat still long enough were Downy Woodpeckers, and quite a few too!
This one threatened to poop on me if I didn't move along.
I gotta find a poop cover for my lens one of these days!

I was going to save this for "International Crappy Photo Day", butt I thought I would share it today...ha.

Who's the cozy bunnie? Wouldn't he make a nice warm lining for my gloves?
(It's only a joke...thinsulate is warmer...and not as messy.)


Remember my favorite fish head at Magee? It's under there somewhere.


  1. Great shot of the possum...we don't have them here in the great white north...but woodpeckers? yup. Today must be international woodpecker day!

  2. Hi Kelly!, Why are you shaking your head?

    Yep, Susan, lots of Woodpeckers...and one lone Possum!

  3. That's a lovely shot of the Possum, we don't get them at all. It is too come down here.

  4. Hi Bob! I'll see if I can ship a few Possum and a couple of House Sparrows to you!