Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Ack! What kind of crazy people think this is fun for birding?!
Oh, that's "Hudy" and me...stoopid snow birding!
It's actually warmed up to a balmy 30 degrees this week. Still no warbly things. Smart birds. Stay in South America. Wish we were there.
I was going to post the rest of our last weekend bird walk, butt...I just finished reading the latest issue of "Birding" magazine, an ABA publication. I found myself mumbling and drooling...and that was just from staring at Jen Brumfields glorious cover art!
The north coast of Ohio is well represented in this issue. Jen's a local girl. Then we have an article about the wonderful Magee Marsh by our favorite 'bass-birdist' Kenn Kaufman, don't forget Black Swamp in there! There are some fantastic warbler photos by Magee regular and fellow Canon photog, Brian Zweibel. And a couple of our newest converts to the Miracles of Magee, Sam Woods of Tropical Birding and Paul Baicich. Sam, a migrant junkie, spent most of last spring next to the BirdMobile (in another trailer, not in the marsh!) and Paul will be staying this spring in our little park. The birders are taking over!
Find a copy...steal a copy...just read it and you, too will be dreaming of spring and warbly time!

A jumpy Bay-breasted Warbler...I can smell spring!

Even a bad photo of a Blackburnian Warbler is a good photo!

Who's this fetching femme fatale?
A Black-throated Blue of course!

A Cape May Warbler getting ready to attack an unsuspecting little buggy. Yum.

I miss getting the 'crazy eye' from my favorite little Chestnut-sided Warblers!

A female Common Yellowthroat. A hard one to id from any angle...

My only pic of a Connecticut Warbler. This May...look out! I'm gonna get ya!
Maybe by the next post I'll come back to reality...or not...


  1. Hi Dave,
    I love your first shot. sometime the birds probably laugh at us and this was probably the case in this situation ;-)
    the rest of the pictures are awesome, you got so many nice pictures of brds i've never dream of putting on my list! Well done sir!

  2. Hey! Welcome to my world! Snow birding four months of the year! The spring warblers are great though - can't wait to see some again!

  3. Hi Chris! You definitely have to come here in May one day for a warbler fix!

    Susan, I don't understand how you can put up with the snow for soooo long!

  4. ...I haven't had the crazy eye from a bird in while either... Love that first photo of you in the snow. Cleveland... It's 14 degrees F here now, but that massive snowfall is heading south of us. We were hoping...but not this time.
    p.s. That Blackburnian Warbler is gorgeous!!!

  5. Hi Kelly, It's 10 degrees this morning here...ick...just a few more months!