Saturday, February 13, 2010

Frog Heaven

Me and the Doodles with Kathy and Tim Krynak, "Frog Finders Extraordinaire!"

On Friday night we went to the Rocky River Nature Center to see Tim's program on the frogs of Reserva Las Gralarias in Ecuador. Tim is a naturalist for the Cleveland Metroparks and the president of the Las Gralarias Foundation. The amount of time and dedication Kathy and Tim give is amazing!

They visit Ecuador a few times a year to do research and surveys of the many frogs and other wildlife that inhabit this endangered area. One of the frogs they've discovered on the property was featured in National Geographic. In addition to working with a number of universities and research groups, they spend time with the local children in the Mindo valley, teaching them about the wildlife that surrounds them.

They have another trip planned this June and our friends Joanne and Terry Gorges will be traveling with them to discover the wonders of this great place! There are still a few opening left for this trip and I would HIGHLY recommend contacting Tim and arranging a place with their tour.

Some of Tim's excellent photography is featured on their display board.

The frogs in my neighborhood aren't as exciting as Ecuador's...butt...

This Leopard Frog in our pond liked the fountain...maybe a little too much...

Just waiting for a bug...
The Doodles, Jane Lyons, founder of Las Gralarias, and me ruining the photo as usual.

Our buddies, Terry and Joanne, ready for Ecuador!

Oh yeah, you can see a few of the over 1500 birds while you're looking for frogs!
Masked Trogon by the way...

This Pale-mandibled Aracari would like to meet you!

This photo was taken along one of the trails at Las Gralarias. That Puma has caught a breakfast of Deer.
Visit the Las Gralarias site for more of the wonders of this endangered area and while you're there, maybe help them out a little!


  1. This post represents all the reasons why I love this blog!! Interesting, informative, educational, great photos, hilarious content, btw--L.O.V.E. the frog doin some biz-nass in the fountain and the bunny ears behind Miss Lyons' head!!

    Thanks for another great post,Dave!