Monday, February 1, 2010

...Missed it by that much!

I think this is my favorite's a Chestnut-sided if you couldn't tell...
It was one of the first warblers we spotted on our first visit to Magee and it left a definite impression on me.
I was stumped this weekend. I couldn't think of anything to post...we hadn't been birding...nothing in the clever thoughts in my tiny bean...UNTIL TODAY!
I was thinking about International Crappy Photo Day and the sheer volume of crappy photos I have. Then I went into a deep funk about all of the great birds me and the Doodles have seen and that I screwed up getting clear photos of. All of the "Just Missed" here you go...a few of the many thousands of photos I should delete, but can't...because they might come in handy on a bad blog day!
This Canada Warbler just wouldn't sit still that day. It must be a Canadian thing...

I should have made this a guessing game for you!
You're right! A Downy Woodpecker being a rocket.

This is an easy one. Please note how focused the stick is.
That House Sparrow got in the way of my 'stick portrait', very artsy, eh?

This would be a hard one, so I'll tell you that it's a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

Spotted Sandpipers DO NOT like being photographed!

Last, but not least (nuts, I should have put a Least Sandpiper here!) a Common Moorhen.
Actually, I'm not sure if he's flying away or running away...either way...he didn't like me.


  1. Loved the pic where you've brilliantly focused the twig. :)
    Nice species there..

  2. This is a fun series! I have tons of shots just like these!

  3. Interesting serie! they all could have been great pictures ;)

  4. Hi Dave,
    This is why I love to visit your blog.. You have a very peculiar way of presenting things! and again i laugh a lot when I read this post. I especially love the House Sparrow that got in the way of your stick portrait!!! I think one of these days, I'll dig up my hard drive and publish these non-perfect shots I got... That might be funny!

  5. Angad: I love twigs too!

    Rob: Maybe it's time to share your I don't feel so bad...

    Dominic: Thanks! The key word is"could have been!"

    Chris: Thank you for being a die hard fan! Making someone laugh is what I'm here for!