Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Missed by THAT much...again!

A Black-throated Green Warbler taking a nose dive to avoid usual.
I'm sorry about this...I'm having too much fun going through my old Magee Marsh photos and dreaming about spring! Pretty soon, the BIG Day and the BIGGEST Week will be here!
My goal this year will be to shoot birds while they are sitting still...from the front. Oh yeah, and in focus too! Maybe.
In the meantime...

Look closely! Can you figure it out?
Yep, American Redstart leaving the scene...

This is one of the birds that makes me crazy!
I just can't get a good shot of a Cape May Warbler.
Another goal for May Madness at Magee!

The fun of shooting warbly things is that they are so unpredictable.
If they spot a bug, they're off and you're never sure what direction they will take!

Yeah...we all know what this is. Don't we? don't know either...

An Orange-crowned Warbler doing the flappy thing.

Warbling Vireos crack themselves up when they wreck your stick portraits!
I can still hear him laughing "Zooooom hahahahaha!"...moron.

This is a fledgling Yellow-billed Cuckoo. He wasn't going anywhere, and he was going there fast!


  1. Ha! Ha! Very cute post Dave. Love all those flight shots, even if you missed part of them. They still are good!!

  2. Excelletn post Dave. I especially love your second pictures, and it reminds me so much of a photo session I got with a goldcrest ;-)

  3. Hi Ginny! I would prefer to get the whole bird...butt...

    Chris: Don't you hate when you think you have a good shot and you end up with just a tail?

  4. ...isn't that always the case! I actually like your "missed" photos as much as regular ones. They are fun!

  5. That "flappy thing"...always good for a chuckle, thanks!

  6. Hi Kelly! So, what you're saying is, my bad shots are better than my 'good' shots? Hmmm...

    Susan, I noticed you're doing the flappy thing in your little picture!

  7. I.Love.It.

    I'd rather look at funny pictures of birds on your blog than gorgeous shots of birds on anyone elses! Anyone can post their finest pics, but it takes a real genius to take "less than lovely" shots and turn them into something really fun and entertaining!

    You're fun -- and I'm entertained! We make a good team, eh?

    from cloudy Florida ~
    your fan, Kim

  8. Kimmay!!! Thank you for laughing at me...I think...

  9. I actually really like these - it gives an opportunity to study bird structure in motion; frozen for contemplation. Sure, bird portraits are lovely, but this is fascinating - the way the tail spreads, the wings fan out; it gives you a chance to really appreciate the structure of flight. (Oh boy, I'm really exposing my geekitude here, aren't I?)