Sunday, February 7, 2010


"Who dat?!"

Yeah, right...Did you really think I would blog about a football game?

I am thoroughly enjoying going through my old warbler files and looking at how a series of shots works out. There are so many with just a part of the bird at the end of the series as they get sick of me and my camera and take off to find a little more solitude.

I highly recommend going through your old photos, in addition to being nostalgic (especially with all of this snow!), you may find a few photos you missed along the way!

I found this set of pics taken at Ottawa NWR of this Yellow-rumped Warbler soaking up the sun and preening.
Who's a pretty bird?

She finally noticed me hiding amongst the trees...

And she doesn't care...back to the task at hand!


  1. You're right, it is time to look back. And, you have a good stock of them.

  2. I really like your blog, Dave. Thanks for taking the time to put together these great posts and share interesting shots of warblers (and other birdular subjects) in unique poses and postures. I like it! Good stuff!!
    p.s. BBTB!

  3. Thanks Kimmay! By the way...BBTB?'s back.