Saturday, February 27, 2010

A sign of spring...maybe...

No, this IS NOT a sign of spring!

Amazing. Last Sunday it was 45 degrees, and the snow was melting. You could even SEE the grass! What kind of sick joke is this? As you can tell, we have a little snow...again. We live on the west side of Cleveland because it doesn't snow much here...well, at one point in time it didn't.

So, you're wondering about the first sign of spring. It's not the Robins, they've been in and out all winter. They sort of fly south for the winter, about two or three blocks south. You don't want to tire yourself out. It could be the Song Sparrow singing, or the Tufted Titmouse singing, but no...

In this shot by Doodles the spy, you can see how much snow has fallen this week...and it's still snowing! Argh.

Here's the first sign of spring!
No, not the Starling, the Red-winged Blackbird!
They look a little angry. Red should have checked the weather report before flying back.
I'm surprised his flight wasn't canceled.

The White-throated Sparrows are still here.
I could here him yelling at the House Sparrows "Hey, I was here first!"

The sleepy Mourning Dove was saying to the confused Titmouse "My names not Peter!"
It's rough having noisy neighbors...

This little Song Sparrow has been roosting in the privacy fence on the side of our back yard and house.
I can hear him singing out there now!

The usual suspects at the feeder. Pigs.

The Northern Cardinals and the others love the evergreens we planted out front.
It's a great place to watch the world go by and escape the snow.
Here's our farsighted American Tree Sparrow. "I know there's a seed in here somewhere!"
He really needs to get new contacts.

I better get back to my full time job...filling the feeders for the feathered pigs! See ya!


  1. Hi Dave,
    Well we are all waiting for sing of spring, but unfortunately it is not because we spot spring birds that the spring is over here. For us, we had a very mild winter until Thursday. Then the real winter came with tons of snow!! So I guess we might have to wait a bit more for spring.
    Beautiful post you got there once again with very nice pictures!

  2. Hi Chris, It has been an odd winter, hasn't it! I'm looking forward to your spring shots from Iceland.