Monday, March 1, 2010

Nutty for Nuthatches...

The ultimate 'evil eye'!

Every once in a while, you get the perfect model. One who's willing to "work it" for you. One that understands what the camera wants. What it's fellow Nuthatches are calling for.
This is the story of one such Nuthatch.
"Yes dahling, iz thees the sexy look you vant?"

How about a look of shock and surprise?
Give me that shy and demure pose!

How about the "Hunchback of Notre Dame"?
Okay, now look to the heavens for the secret of life!

Okay, now look at me like I'm crazy...that should be an easy one, eh?


  1. Dave...I'm glad you have a screw loose. It was getting lonely out here.

    Great set of pictures.

  2. Hi Dave,
    Wow she was kind to you mate!!! Like ok, here I'm the big star, are you not taking pictures of me... Look how beautiful I'm!! Lucky you ;-) This is a pure beauty and your pictures are wonderful! Well done... i thought about you yesterday, trying to make some pictures in the snow... I got a little snow bunting and he would refuse to turn the head and would only show me his butt!!! That was really funny...
    I'll publish this shot soon, only for you ;-)

  3. Hi Richard, loose screw? What are you saying?

    Chris, Merci Beaucoup mon ami!

  4. And the Stella Adler Award for Artistic Range in a Performance goes to...

  5. Very nice, a little too focusedfor me :)

  6. Jason: I could have used a director!

    Dennis: Thanks!

  7. Great looking bird and nice images Dave