Monday, February 22, 2010

Where my seed goes...

"Are you lookin' at me? Are you lookin' at me? You must be lookin at me, I'm the only one here!"*
*Say that with your best Robert DeNiro voice...

I owe an apology to the @##@*&%#@! Starlings that attack my feeders on occasion, that occasion being most every day lately. We were going through seed like it was water, fill them in the morning...completely empty by the time I got home...what the...! Of course I blamed the Starlings...the #@&*#*@! Starlings.

Then I discovered the truth. Sunday morning as we prepared for our walkies to the park to see some REAL birds...I saw him! Sitting there on the feeder, outside our dining room window, with his massive bulk causing the feeder to sway to and fro. Looking at me. Laughing. I heard him. That evil cackle. You've heard it before. Unnerving.

Do you know what it's like to have an American Crow laughing in your face, feeling helpless to do anything but the feeder is quickly depleted of lovely, energy packed, delicious black oil sunflower at you-know-how-much per pound! I watched in horror. I also took a few photos for evidence. I'll remember you! Beware the wrath of Loopy! You, you, you big piggy bird you!

"I look mahvelous!"*
*Do Billy Crystal now.

"Your seed is crap and I spit it at you...and your father is a hamster!"*
*Said with your best Monty Python voice.

"I shall rummage through and see if I shall find a seed worthy of my particular palate!"*
*Said in the voice of the Queen. God save the Queen.

"Yes, this single seed, by royal decree, shall be worthy of my regal beak!" *
*Repeat voice of the Queen. God save the Queen.


  1. Hi,
    I think you have to think once more about the size of the seeds you put in your feeder... This guy needs bigger seeds for sure!!! Funny to see that such a big guy cab come over to eat everything! Beautiful and funny post as usual!

  2. Chris, you're right! I'll have to plant a whole crop in the spring! Thanks!

  3. You must admit, crows are kind of endearing in their own way. Apparently, they're smart enough to be able to figure out how to make and use tools, and some can even imitate human voices. So it's no surprise that a bird that big managed to sneak stuff from your feeder unnoticed for so long!

  4. Hi Felicia, The way he watched me through the window made it obvious that he knew what was going on...and how much seed he could toss out!