Wednesday, March 17, 2010

If it's raining, it must be spring...

When American Goldfinches are in the rain too long, their colors begin to run.
Or it's really spring and he's molting...

March showers bring April flowers. Since my camera doesn't like birding in the rain...this is all I got. Of course, as soon as the sun starts shining, I have to go to work...nuts.

We had our first two Common Grackles of the year on Saturday...
followed soon after by 200 or so of their kin...can you say "Empty Feeders?"

This is the smartest Song Sparrow in our yard.
He knew enough to get out of the drizzle.

This is one of the less smart Song Sparrows in our yard.
Please note the blank stare in his eye, caused by water on the brain...

Yippee (said sarcastically). All of the Chipmunks are back again.
At least they'll clean up the scrap seed on the ground.

This is Mr. Casual.
He hangs out UNDER the pond in the back garden.
Not the brightest bulb, but cute.
Yes, he is standing on his tail and he did trip over it when he tried to run away. Like I said...


  1. Hi Dave,
    About the same over here, it has been raining non-stop for more than 12 days!!! Awful man!
    But despite the bad weather you got some very nice pictures. I love the song sparrow picture and all the sequence of the chipmunk!! Cool they are back in your yard, they are so cute !

  2. Chris, my most loyal fellow blogger! I hope the rain slows down for you...or at least you're a good swimmer!

  3. Beautiful shots. They look very cute. I love the commentary associated with each shot.

  4. Your Goldfinches are further along in their molt then mine are. I have seen just a couple of them starting to get their color.