Sunday, March 14, 2010


Where's Waldo?
There's an American Bittern trying to be a reed...

Sensational is the right word to describe the upcoming "Shreve Migration Sensation" birding festival. Held every March in Shreve, Ohio, this festival has something for every birder.
There are always great speakers throughout the day, vendors selling everything from art to optics, and area bird groups such as the Greater Mohican Audubon and Black Swamp Bird Observatory.

But, best of all...there are many great locales for excellent birding! Volunteers are at all of the major spots to help point out the latest migrants. The birders in this area are some of the most helpful folks we have every met. Please think about making the trip to Shreve...they have Amish baked pies...what more could you want?

If you look in a tree and see a big nest, it's probably a Hawk or an Owl.
If you look in a tree and see something the size of a Volkswagen, it's a Bald Eagles nest!

You never know what unusual birds will be spotted from year to year.
We were lucky to find a Horned Grebe last year.

We don't see Ring-necked Pheasants along the lake!

Every year a few Sand Hill Cranes are spotted on their migration.

By the way, be sure to bring a spotting scope! Many of the lakes and wetlands are quite large.

Maybe you should think about bringing a pair of waders also...spring thaws sometimes bring a 'little' extra moisture to the area!


  1. Hi Dave,
    That's a beautiful post you did on this festival... i hope you will enjoy it and bring back plenty of ebautiful pictures for us to see!!

  2. Can't wait to see you guys! Thanks for the press! I will be stationed at Wright Marsh until noon. Come see me!