Thursday, April 8, 2010

The further adventures of "Birding with Bob!"...Shreve part...uh...somenthing...

The whole town gets into this migration thing!

I feel sorry for the Doodles. Not only does she have to deal with me...we have this...a..."Chipmunk" named Bob...really. He has a large family that loves to wreak havoc in our gardens and in our home. Utility lines, computer drives, flowers, pond name it, they've 'wreaked' it! But, Bob is special, I mean that in a nice way, I think.

He knows most of our friends...well they were our friends until they met Bob. Now there's a question in the air...oh well...Chipmunks...gotta love 'em.

So here's a little bit more of our visit to the Shreve Migration Sensation, with Bob. argh.

Cheryl Harner is the big cheese with the Greater Mohican Audubon Society.
She didn't know Bob had her back...

Bob wants to know why his picture isn't on the ODNR sign...he is a WILD guy you know!

This is where I'm not supposed to mention staples...

"I'm a lumberjack, yes I am!"
Our buddy Hugh from Black Swamp.
Lived in Canada for a long time...still wants to be a lumberjack...

Kenn used to be a friend of ours too. He tried explaining what a Chipmunk was to Bob.
Let's just say Bob misbehaved after this photo was taken...

That unnatural smile on my face?
Chipmunk claws are very sharp...I now have piercings...

Joe Edinger on the left, is the organizer of this fine fest.
Jim McCormac is going to be strangled by him. I think it was something Bob said to Joe.
There's always something exciting at Shreve!

Please note the smiles on everyone's faces.
Bob is about to get slapped by Jim.

After Jim gave Bob a nice 'pet' on the head...he slept the rest of the afternoon.

#1. Never give a Chipmunk a camera.
#2. Never follow a Chipmunks directions.
Bob thought the name of this road was funny.
It was rather slippery...but I won't pick on it...

The fine folks of the Medina Raptor Center were there with a number of feathery guests.
She's trying to teach Snowy how to say "CHIPMUNK."

Bob didn't like hearing the Snowy Owl say "Chipmunk"
...especially when I told him they like to eat small rodents...

Bob wanted to know why there wasn't a "Chipmunks Unlimited" organization.
YOU explain it to him...sheesh...

Bob swiped the Doodles camera again. He thought he saw a hot chipmunk crossing the road.

Did I mention it was cold?

...or that they have great pie?


  1. Excellent post Dave, you are such a story-teller! Amazing, funny and entertaining... keep going on, I love it!

  2. Thanks Chris! I can always count on you as Bob's only fan...

  3. okay..go to and look around the site. Somewhere you will find Cheeky...a rather large chipmunk who is somewhat loved by a rather larger moose named Pembi.
    What can I say? Strange things done 'neath the midnight sun....

  4. You crack me up. You could probably put all of Bob's adventures in a book..."Bob's Big Adventures!"

  5. Hi Susan...let's not give Bob any stranger ideas...

    Ooo Kelly, what a great idea! If I clean him up a bit, maybe a kids book...nah...