Sunday, April 11, 2010

Got Stamps?

Bob says "Got mine!"

Bob wants all of his Ohio birding buddies to get their
Ohio Wildlife Legacy stamps!

The purchase of these stamps will support habitat restoration, education and research of wildlife areas in our state. With all of the cutbacks going on, this is a simple and inexpensive way to help out. You can put your stamp of approval on your bino's, cameras or just keep it as a collectible.
I'm sure other states and countries have similar programs, it's something for us all to look into.

By the way...where's Bob get the money to pay for that? Hey...I wonder where I left my wallet...

Our best buddy Hugh at Black Swamp Bird Observatory taking Bob's(?) cash with a smile on his face.

Kim Kaufman, head honcho and big cheese at Black Swamp, made Bob an honorary member!
We'll call him Bisbo Bob from now on!
He says the pin hurts...too bad Bob!


  1. excellent post Dave! Bob has gotten quite few adventure lately and he is nice to share them with you. Looks like he is taking you for many of his ride. how cute ;-)

  2. Thanks Chris! Bob is getting a little more mellow lately...something bad is going to happen soon I fear...

  3. Bob is feeling mellow because "Bob" is actually "Roberta" and SHE is pregnant!

    Many thanks to you, Doodles, and Roberta for all of your support for BSBO and for buying your OWLS from us too!

    We love you guys!

  4. Kimmay!...OMG! Oh, we're going to have a very serious talk with that young...uh...lady!