Friday, April 2, 2010

Nothing but Shreve...part three...I think...or not...

"Honey, I think our nest is frozen..."
Killdeer or Coldeer?

Where was I? Oh yeah, Shreve anyway, we saw a few birds while we were there, not as many as in the past. I think it was the temperatures in the low 20's that kind of slowed things down a bit. Once again, birds are smarterer than birders! They know when to stay in where it's warm and cozy!

By afternoon, things had warmed up into the fifties, much better. Before the talks and then again, after the talks, we did a little birding in the area. I'll talk about the talks in another talk...for now here's a few birdie shots for you!

Did I mention it was a little breezy too?
Black-capped Chickadees don't carry a lot of weight, though their attitude might suggest otherwise...

Here's a Canada Goose trying to lay low.
Maybe that's not her nest and she's trying not to get caught...

Oh my gosh! A normal photo of a Hairy Woodpecker.
How did THAT get in here?

Back to the normal, slightly fuzzy photos for me!
Can you spot the Hooded Merganser pair? Good.
How about the Muskrat? Good.
How about the Red-winged Blackbird? Good.
How about the Song Sparrow? Me neither.

A little bright in the marsh! And there's a Ring-necked Duck pair!

It was a great weekend for Crane spotting(obscure pun here).
We saw more than half a dozen Sand Hill Cranes while moving in and out of different wet land areas,
including this "singing"(?) fellow...and his mate didn't run away screaming.
The Doodles runs when I sing.

Monkey see, Monkey Do and Monkey...wait that's not right...'s a trio of Trumpeters,
Heb Alpert, Chet Baker and Arturo Sandoval showing his bad side.

Wood Ducks doing what Wood Ducks do.

This is not Andy Rooney.


  1. Hi Dave,
    Superb post mate... Still looking for the song sparrow ;-) and congrats for the normal woodpecker shot ;-)

  2. Hi Chris...good luck with the song sparrow!