Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shreve Interruption!

I am SO glad we put out the hummingbird feeders today!

What a day to get a new bird in the yard...a good way to start out April! A Masked Flowerpiercer! And I even have a photo of it...

Okay, now go back to the last post on Shreve...sorry for the interruption...


  1. What a bird! I've never seen such before even in pictures. Great spot and great shot too!

  2. What an interruption! Wow we forgive you for that... Man this is a gorgeous picture and a beautiful bird. Good idea you got to put the feeders out!

  3. I think I have one at my feeders too!

  4. That is quite a bird Dave - great shot! Worth that feed going out!

  5. Aluajala, Chris and Matt...Thanks! You never know what you will see on April Fools Day! Hint-hint...

    Susan: So, if the earth's axis flips around, do you think these will end up up here? It could happen...