Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Study in Black and White...

The Black-and-White Warbler is my favorite warbly thing...and not just because I'm color blind! Such a simple pattern compared to other warblers, black, white, that's it. Not to mention their wacky way of crawling up AND down every branch in sight, in search of a tasty little morsel of bug.

I shot all of these photos of the same crazy little bird that was within 20 feet of me and the Doodles and keeping one eye on us the whole time. I'm glad I'm no longer using film! I wouldn't have been able to change rolls fast enough to keep up with him...close to 60 shots in all!

You can't miss a single crack or crevice in the branch!
Just like the Black Swamp logo...

Pausing to make sure we haven't moved...

I think he was eye balling that little hole.
You never know what goodies may be hidden in there!

Did I mention their speed and hard to predict movements?

There's always time to play a game of Peek-A-Boo!

And he even sang a little song for us!

Striking a majestic pose.

That's it for now!

The following is an email I just received from Bird Life International...I thought it was very important to share.

Dear Bird Blogger,

Today we announced that Alaotra Grebe is officially extinct on the Red List.

The Dodo is the undoubted ‘celebrity’ among extinct species with its depiction in books, cartoons and the well-used expression ‘Dead as a Dodo’. Less well known about the Dodo is that it heads up a group of single island flightless birds that became extinct either at the hands of man, or by the introduction of predators that came along with the arrival of people to their islands. More than 130 species of birds have become extinct since AD 1500, mostly because of human actions...

When BirdLife publicises news of threat or extinction the first question posed by the media will be: “Why should we care?”

We're asking you to tell us why species matter. Do you care?

Please encourage your website visitors to leave comments on this page:

To read the full story, click here:

Thank you for your support.

Nick Askew


  1. Great pictures of the Black and White Warbly thing. I've only seen one a couple years ago, so always on the lookout for more.

    I would be remiss if I failed to point out that you are slipping a little on your bird one butt shot in the bunch. :-)

  2. Hi Richard...I know, I really need to work on the behind thing. Darned birds keep turning around on me! Go figure...

  3. What's Black and White and Read all over?
    (a branch being visited by a warbler....groannnnerrr)

  4. Howdee...enjoying your posts and tweeting a few of them out to should get a tweetmeme button for your posts..easy for all of us who use twitter to pass your blog along for others to read.

  5. Hi Dawn...on more thing to figure out...Tweetle..Twee...Tweep...I'll figure it out...Thanks!