Monday, May 24, 2010

Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head...

The Great Blue Heron.
Wha? Intelligent? I'm not sure anymore.I've always thought that Great Blues lived on frogs, tadpoles, fish sticks, crusty crustaceans, skrimps(yes, SKRIMPS) and other fine denizens of the dank and murky marshes.

But not this guy. He didn't listen when mom said "Don't eat anything bigger than your head!"

Slightly embarrassed of the size of his meal, he tried to hide from Loopy and the Doodles.
You can fly, but you can't hide!

Yep, that's Musky Muskrat smiling in those choppers.
A meal fit for a king, but will it fit his beak?

First, try forcing it back...

Almost got it!

A little further!

The muskrat says "Does this make my butt look big?"

Let's try beating it a few more times to tenderize it...

Nope, that's not gonna work...

"Hmmm, a puzzlement here. If only I could dislocate my jaw, yeah, that's the ticket..."

We watched for close to forty five minutes. What's worse, this Heron trying to down a meal TOO big, or me and the Doodles WATCHING for forty five minutes. We don't have television at the BirdMobile, that may explain it...

*Palate Cleanser*
After that sight, I thought a nice, pretty Yellow Warbler would settle your stomach.
Thanks for watching too!


  1. Hilarious! Thanks for the early morning laugh!

  2. Wow. Never seen anything like THAT.

  3. AMAZING! did you actually see him fly away? 'cause I just read that GBH's can sometimes choke to death as they don't have teeth to break up the beasts into bite sized tidbits...

  4. I suppose it could be more efficient than eating a lot of small meals? In any case a great series of pictures Dave.

  5. Thanks Cindi!

    Jason, maybe you need a different lens...bow-chicka-bow-wow...

    Susan, We checked the area the following morning with no signs of either skinny head or fat butt...I hope that was a good sign, for the GBH at least!

    Thanks Phil, I guess that would be considered "Super Sizing!"