Saturday, May 22, 2010

WARNING! *Adult oriented material*...Oooooh!

So, there we were, minding our own business, walking along the boardwalk at Magee Marsh...when the Doodles spots a female Baltimore Oriole right above us!

We stop to admire her subtle beauty and her industriousness. Slowly shredding the bark from the branch to start work on this years nest, carefully gathering it up in her marvel of a beak...

When all of a sudden, Mr. Cool pops up right behind her...
"Oh yeah, this is one hot mama, woo!"...

A typical hard working homemaker, she keeps on pulling nesting material while Mr. Cool has his way...for all of three seconds. Yeah, you're cool...ha.

"Can you believe the nerve of that guy?"..."You're going to destroy those photos aren't you?"
I seem to remember Pamela Anderson asking that same question...


  1. ROFLMAO! What else can I say?! A bit too much of..uh..exposure to nature at MM that day, huh? ;o)

  2. Wow Dave, this is insane ;-) What a beautiful natural moment you got there! Wonderful!

  3. Sorry Jann, I hope you didn't get hurt on the floor...

    Hi Chris, soon they will have a new bundle of joy, just like you!

  4. We were just wondering about how birds do it. Answer: Verrrrry quickly.

  5. I'm here for you Ranger Anna! Just ask and I'll post the answer...still working on the bees though...not to mention the monkeys in the trees...

  6. That gave me a laugh on a rainy Sunday morning Dave - "Nice one" as the Oriole said too.