Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birding with BP...

Birding in the future will be like shooting fish(or ducks) in a barrel!

Sure, what the heck. Let's give all of our corporations all of the control and independence they want. It will be for the good of all people...bah, nature, who needs it.

Instead of looking for those hard to identify birds, we'll look for half completed displays...

If you miss 'warbler neck', the museums will oblige you by hanging a few feathered corpses from the ceiling.

Think of how easy the breeding bird atlas will be!

You want to see an Emperor Penguin but don't like the cold? No problem! We have a coal furnace here!

Remember the Passenger Pigeon? There's millions of them, they'll NEVER disappear...oh, wait...

Ivory-billed Woodpecker, we got those!
(Oops, Andy Jones, the curator of ornithology at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History,
just informed me these are Imperial Woodpeckers, also extinct. Probably our fault too.)

And looking on the bright side, me and the Doodles will finally get that Yellow-headed Blackbird we've been searching for...

Yeah, Clean Coal and more oil, that's what we need...sure...good luck with that...


  1. Thanks. I think this is right to the point.

  2. Thanks Cindi...I hope people pay attention...let's not forget the Exxon-Valdez!

  3. Well I for one do not think that mankind has the right to plunder, rape, pillage and annihilate. We are OF this world -an integral part of the earth's biodiversity. O F ...two little letters, mean so much. Reversed for BP.

  4. Thanks Dave for those reminders.

    And conservation begins at home. Maybe we all need to cut back on fuel usage, demand better gas mileage from car-makers, and better yet, consider greener methods for fuel. (And that leaves Ethanol out.) Cheryl

  5. BP is an outrage, but why is there a BP? If it weren't for us, all of us, there wouldn't be a BP. It's mankind that is the enemy of nature and the only real way to stop it, is to destroy mankind and leave all the other species to themselves. Of course that is outrageous, but is it really? We will destroy this earth, there's no doubt of that whatsoever. It's just a matter of how long it will take. Of course, we will wipe out every other species along with us, so really there is no answer. It's all just anger and destruction, but hey, that's what we do best.


  6. Thanks Cheryl, Valerie and Justin,
    We all try to do what we can. I'm just as guilty as everyone else, maybe more so. I have an hour drive to work everyday. Public transport is virtually non-existent in our area, what can you do?

    We are all trapped in this world we have created.