Monday, June 21, 2010

Open House...

"We're all in our places with bright shiny faces!"

Our neighbors at the BirdMobile, "Hudy", also known as Judy and Hugh, have two Purple Martin houses in front of their abode. And these aren't your ordinary, everyday Purple Martin houses! These deluxe accommodations are fully occupied with some very large families.

So far, they've counted over 100 eggs and a whole passel of young'uns. We were lucky enough to watch the weekly check up of the inner sanctum!

From the left we have Randy Harner, Paul Baicich, Judy & Hugh and Cheryl "Weedpicker" Harner.
What a great way to spend a Sunday morning!

When the house is lowered everyone flies out and circles us to watch and wait.
As soon as we're finished everyone gets back to work!

At this point they're still cute...even though they're just me on this one.

Those are some
UGLY babies!

All of the fledglings from Hudy's houses will be banded.
These nestlings should be big enough in the next week.

You know I would have to get a butt shot!
It's expected of me...

This is the only moon the Doodles will allow me to post!
And this one's for you!


  1. Awesome photos Dave!! Hope those little birdies get some feathers. They look cold..Ha!

  2. Hi Ginny!
    No worries about cold was already 80 at 11am!

  3. Magnificent post Dave... Hope these little chicks are not getting any cold ;-)

  4. I need wisdom about my Purple Martin hatchlings. They are doing great - about 10 days old. And suddenly there is another egg in with them....or I totally missed seeing it before. It is definitely a martin egg... Anyone ever hear of such a thing?

    1. Possibly another Martin snuck in and laid a single egg...unless the evil Brown-headed Cowbird paid a visit!