Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hey, Mr. Peabody!!

The firing of a 24 pound Howitzer shakes the ground!

Who turned the knobs on the Way Back Machine?!
We took a "bird free" trip this past weekend due to the heat , humidity and pending storms. It had been some time since we went on a history jaunt, so we made up for it by going back to 1812! Specifically, the War of 1812 and the areas involved in the Battle of Lake Erie, the turning point in saving the Western Reserve and our area of the young United States from the British.

Located along the Maumee River in Perrysburg, Ohio, Fort Meigs was a key strong hold on this waterway. It was commanded for a time by future president, General William Henry Harrison.

The amount of American history in this area is amazing! Along with this and other sites of the War of 1812, we have the birthplace of Thomas Alva Edison, and a number of presidents were born in Ohio, such as Rutherford B. Hayes...and what a coincidence...that will be the feature of my next post!

A day off from the war...relaxing with family and fellow soldiers...

I love the sound of these field drums.

A key part of the military, fife and drum bands led soldiers into battle.
Their music also gave signals for marching, movements and duties during the day.

These bands also served as entertainment during more relaxing times and celebrations.

Trading weapons.
Hard to believe, but his (real) flint lock rifle was lighter than my camera!
He was in charge of the volunteers of the fort and the firing of the cannon, what a great job!

Poor Doodles, trapped in the wrong century...

The "Hero of Lake Erie", Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry.


  1. Well I for one am glad that the War of 1812 is over, and Canadians are allowed to be friends with Americans! Also like the sepia photos.

  2. Thanks Susan! You're my favorite Canadian!