Sunday, August 1, 2010

History and hother hilarious hijinks...

The Rutherford B. Hayes home.

Where was I, oh yeah...the history weekend. After a visit at Fort Meigs and the War of 1812, we got back into the "WABAC Machine" and moved up to the American Civil War era with a visit to the home of President Rutherford B. Hayes.

The home started out as a home built by his uncle, Sardis Birchard so they would have a place to stay in the summer and keep his uncle company. As time went on and the family grew, so did the home. After Rutherfords death in 1893, his son Webb, had a library built to house his fathers library and memorabilia. This became the first presidential library in the country.

They have a number of ever changing exhibits in the museum and library of great interest to history buffs. The home is currently undergoing an extensive restoration and it is a wonderful place to visit to see the work and the details that are forthcoming.

The current exhibit features the crazy madcap game of Croquet. Wee.
The Doodles likes croquet and she will kick your butt.

You thought he was gone...sorry!
Bobb was on a mission to locate his long lost second cousin thrice removed, Bobbette.

Beware of the Bobbs!

Here we have a pair of very irate Chipmunks.
It seems that there is a "No Chipmunk" policy at the Hayes home.
Have you seen what terrible things an angry chipmunk can do?

Next Week:
Back to Birding!*

*That ought to keep Kimmay happy!

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  1. Excellent post Dave..... Happy that little Bob found his cousin again ;-)