Wednesday, August 4, 2010


A very rare Greater Yellow'LEG"...not really...

A nice quiet Sunday morning at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge...very quiet. The shorebird migration has started and the temperatures were close to 90 once again. I didn't make it very far into the all. I walked the ponds near the entrance, which are always good and the woodlands behind the visitors center. But it still took me three hours, what a slow poke...

I'll start with the birds I spotted in the ponds, in the next post I'll share the birds and bugs of the woodland areas.

With an attitude like that, no wonder he's a Solitary Sandpiper.

Oopsie, that's not a bird!
If you kiss a Green Frog on the lips, he'll turn into....
nothing, this is real life.
Don't you know you're not supposed to kiss frogs in the refuge!

I think the Solitary Sandpiper was mocking that Greater Yellowlegs...

You know it's hot when you see a Great Egret and a Great Blue Heron in a dead tree with their bills hanging open.

...And the high point of the ponds...a juvenile Black-crowned Night-Heron!
I almost drove past him on my way in. When I stopped and got my camera, he decided to be shy and fly


  1. Love shorebird migration! Almost as much as warbler migration... You can almost see the heat in your pictures, Dave. We are promised only highs in the 80's this weekend Yahoo!
    Where is Doodles in the pictures Paul sent us from last weekend?

  2. Hiya B.C.! I am definitely looking forward to birding Ottawa this coming weekend in cooler temps!
    I have been the "LoneBirder" lately, Doodles has family stuff to attend to. Ha, those wacky non-birders...