Thursday, August 5, 2010

Birds...yep, birds...and stuff...and some birds too...

This Yellow-billed Cuckoo was the high point of my wander through the woods.

After my meander through the marsh, I took a wander through the woods of Ottawa NWR and this is some of what I spied with my blurry eye...

We shall call this "Empidonax Flycatcher"...because it sounds professional
and besides, I don't know which it is...

This I know, it's a Ruby-throated Hummingbird with a itchy head.
I was watching a butterfly flutter by when my eye landed on this gem.

A fledgling Song Sparrow...or is it a Grasshopper, probably a Song Sparrow...or maybe not...

Immature male Common Whitetail dragonfly.
You could tell it was immature male by the fart sounds and giggles it made as I walked past...

This Clouded Sulphur was playing in the mud of the newly refurbished wildflower garden behind the Ottawa visitors center.

Common Buckeye, this is the butterfly, not the candy treat...just in case you couldn't tell.

A Pearl Crescent butterfly just chillin.
This is a great time to look for butterflies and dragonflies here.
Especially since it's so hard to find the birdies...

This Spicebush Swallowtail has lived through a few attacks to his swallowy tail.

And here's a lesson on how to tell the difference between a Great Egret and a Snowy Egret.
The Great Egrets are always closer to you...
You didn't think I would actually have anything educational to say, did you?

To make an effort to be more educational (who knows, maybe someone out there will help our fight to save some of our endangered habitats) I would like you to visit The BirdLife Community website.

There is always something to learn about our fellow bird lovers from the states as well as the rest of the world. Try it, you'll like it!


  1. Visit often. The title of the blog cracks me up "Birds from Behind"
    Great post and photos.

  2. Thanks Andy! Humour is the main ingredient here, though every once in a while, something serious happens...scary.