Saturday, July 17, 2010

Purple Martins Majesty, the sequel..."Jumpers!"

Little Mr. Cranky-Pants..."Waaaa...I jumped and I can't get back home!"

While sitting outside at "Hudy's" watching the Martins do what Martins do, Hugh spotted this guy sitting on the ground. #11 here wasn't quite ready to fledge, but he jumped anyway. It may have been too hot or his siblings didn't like him( like the time that my brother pushed me through a hedge and broke my collar bone!)...but anyway...#11 has jumped three times. I helped Hugh get him back in twice now. Somewhere the Doodles has pics of post...

I am being watched as I check the jumper.

"If I lay low enough he won't see me."
This was #11's second jump.
I was getting the dive bomb treatment from the parents as I checked him out.
Hugh lowered the house and we put him back...again.

This time they were ready to fly, sort of.

At this point there were four mouths to feed.
I'll never understand how they can cram that dragonfly down their throats...

Up, up and get more bugs for juniors gaping maw!

It's hard work swallowing these things!

"It tickles!"

Here comes the second helping!

Let's try to squeeze in one more...nope,
there wasn't enough room in his tummy for another and the parent flew away and gave it to someone else.

*Here's a special warning for any fledgling Purple Martin that's reading my blog today:
When the wind blows, you better hang on!
This guy was taken by the breeze and looked very impressive...until he landed with a bang...

We just went for a walk and most of the Martins have fledged. I'll have more pictures next time on...
"Purple Martins Majesty, Part Three...Taking Flight"

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