Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Purple Martins Majesty...

"Excuse me! We're trying to sleep here! Would be so kind as to replace us promptly? Thank you."

Our BirdMobile neighbors and good buddies, Judy and Hugh(aka Hudy) have two Purple Martin houses. This is the second year for the first and the first year for the second house. Got it? Good. I have abode average readers. (Yes I know, I speeled it rong to give the Doodles something to doo.)

Anyway, they track all of the comings and goings, births and deaths, House Sparrow invaders and best of all, they band all of the babes! This past Fourth of July weekend, me and the Doodles were lucky enough to lend a hand...or three to help with the banding.

NINETY TWO! That's a lot of new bug eaters! 92 out of 100 plus eggs is pretty good for a couple of new Martin houses. There are 14 nest cavities in each house, so there's a whole gang of mouths to feed for those workaholic parents!

As soon as you open a panel, the little ones all make a bee line for the back.
As all Martins know, if you turn around, no one can see you...

Hugh and the first of the nestlings to get a little bling.
Hugh got a little poop for his efforts.

Mark Shieldcastle, the boisterous Baron of bird banders, masterfully marking the Martin.
That's Judy of Hudy recording the numbers while Hugh of Hudy holds the hapless hellion.

These guys aren't real pleased about this business, but Mark works very quickly..

"I am not at all happy at this moment in time.
Therefore I shall deposit a little poop in your hand."

"You're welcome."

Please note the the Doodles is using a paper towel to hold the nestlings.
It makes it easier to hild more than one this way...and keeps your digits defecation free.

All finished and the house rises to the sky once again!
(If you click on this photo and notice the white spot in the center left side you will see a Great Egret flying through!)

All the mums and dads are flying back home.
Once they are confident things are safe, they will resume the feeding frenzy.

I'll have one more update for this post coming soon!
Stay tuned kiddies!


  1. Nice story Dave with some lovely photos. I hope it inspires others to get building and banding.

  2. Hi Phil, thanks! I'm thinking about bull dozing my neighbors homes while they're at work, putting in a meadow and erecting a Martin house, what do you think?

    Thanks Mary Anne!

  3. Where do I find plans for this house. Thanx

    1. I believe my friends just googled Purple Martin House and an assortment of plans came up. Sorry it's taken so long to reply.

  4. Hi I'm at my 4tgh year trying to attract PM birds with only overnight visitors but I'd like plans for that bird house please.

  5. I would also like the plans for this house. Thank you!