Friday, September 17, 2010

East Harbor State Park?

This is the part of the beach where the people weren't. I like this part.

They call it "East Harbor State Park." It's on the western basin of Lake Erie. I guess it is east of the Rockies at least...never mind...we went there.

This was the longest hike of the Bird-A-Palooza...we really need to go back again. There are numerous trails, woodland, marsh, lake front, meadow, something for everyone and every season. I think marsh trails were my favorite. Ya know why? Because that's where the WARBLYS were!

Plus they have a great campground, boat docks(harbor, duh!), a camp store and a great little nature center. We saw a friend of ours working with the children and bugs the day we visited. If I was a smarter human, I would remember her name and say hi. Obviously if you've been reading this blog, you know I'm not a smarterer human kind of guy. Smart-a** maybe...anyway...

Spring and Fall. Love those migration times of year. The colors of spring warblys are amazing, but the fall visitors make it more exciting to figure out what you're looking at. Most really aren't that hard. Blackpolls get me every time though! And you have that great smell of rotting vegetation on the forest floor. Mmmm, dead leaves in the morning.

Yep, there's a little pollen out there today...

American Redstarts get my vertigo going!
They will not sit in one place and they like to fly all around you....spinnnnn!!

I shot quite a few of this guy and his cousins.
All from below or was one of those days...
I'll tell you at the end who he is.

This is one of the 'butter-butt' trio of warblys.
Can you guess which one?
The spider in his chops isn't a helpful clue by the way...

If you guessed Cape May Warbler, you'd be right.
If you didn't, then you'd be like me(left?).

This skulking little *@#* stayed about a foot or two off the ground in the same evergreen as the Cape May.
Always ducking at the moment I pressed the shutter.
At first I got REALLY excited and thought I had a Kirtland's Warbly as we saw one here last September.
No chance, it's a Yellow-rumped Warbler. Odd tail pattern though...

The Doodles always has a photo of any sign so we can remember where we were.
We're preparing for the future of bad memor...uh...what was I saying?...

That's me way out there.
Probably taking a photo of something too far away...and from behind...

I am really starting to dislike Clouded Sulphur butterflies...

I think this is a Common Buckeye Caterpillar.
Next book purchase...Caterpillars of Ohio...

This is a Common Buckeye.
We have never seen as many as we have this year!

This is an Eastern Tailed-Blue butterfly with what may be a Coelioxys sp. bee...or not...
Any apiarists out there?

Terrible name for a butterfly, Hackberry.

Least Skipper. I think he was the most.

Peck's Skipper. Doesn't look like eight quarts to me. Get it?
(It's late and I a tired boy, sorry)

I'm still trying to work out dragonflies and damselflies, but I think this is a pair of Orange Bluets.
I'm sure you'll let me know if they ain't!

Oh looky here!
It's a large milkweed with Large Milkweed Bugs on it!

Bug book not big.
Prepops fraternus sp.?

This is a flower.
I can tell because it has a flower on it.
It might be blue...or it might be purple.
I'm 'color challenged' and the Doodles is in slumberland...

At last, something I can figure out!
It's a Bald Eagle!!
Just kidding, it's not a Bald Eagle.

Cedar Waxwing jr.
Is he looking at me? Or is he checking out that spider web.

I leave you with this tribute to Canada.
This is the first time three Canadians mooned me and I wanted to share.

I hope you didn't peek to see the answer of my warbly quiz! You did, didn't you?! Well, now you have to wait. So there...


  1. Pretty sure your "Yellow-rumped Warbler" in the shade is a female Cape-may Warbler.

  2. and you never posted the answer to your warbler quiz! At least not that I can find. Its gotta be a Blackpoll. :)

  3. Hi Ben, the bird in the shade has really dark markings on it's tail which made me think Yellow-rump, I'll have to look at more photos of it.
    ...and you're right, I never did answer that question...ha.