Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An evening at Meadowbrook Marsh...

An American Redstart is always a good way to start things out!

Welcome to the continuing saga of...Our Anniversary Weekend and Bird-a-Palooza...whether you like it or not. So there. Rzzzzzzt!

I'm not posting in order...as usual...this was just an easy file to go through...Meadowbrook Marsh was our last stop of the day because, along with great birds, they have a wonderful deck on which you can view the sunset. And sit down and rest after a looooooooong day of birding.
This is what happens when The Doodles sets the timer and I say
"Lean to the left, no, you're other left!"
Oh, and she forgot to reset the camera function to 'normal'...which wouldn't work on us anyway...

Speaking of Redstarts...here's a little "Orangestart" from behind!

When a Black-capped Chickadee actually comes out to be photographed, they ALWAYS act silly!
"I'll think I'll just hang upside down until he leaves..."

Photo lesson number 10873...don't aim you're camera into the sun to catch a flying Black-crowned Night-Heron.
It's REALLY bright!

So, why do I take so many butt shots you ask(or maybe you didn't.)
If you can ID this, the rest is a piece of cake!
I use the Sibley Guide and Kaufman's Guide the most,
butt I have photo copied the page from Peterson's that shows the under tails of warblys.
It is my most used piece of information in the fall!

It's a Blackpoll Warbly.
They are very numerous right now and VERY different from their breeding plumage!

There were lots of kids out playing at Meadowbrook, including this one of many Cedar Waxing.

There are great meadows being restored as well as the marsh and woodland areas.
Enough to keep The Doodles occupied!

Lots of 'bad feather day' birds out and about.
This Downy Woodpecker was looking a little worn out tonight.

This Eastern Kingbird was just chillin' and catching some rays...

An Eastern Wood-Pewee keeping his eyes peeled for a little 'fast food.'

I spent way to much time trying to pish out this little bird.
I could see movement in the shrubs and flowers, but nothing would show.
Of course when I gave up, this House Wren finally pops up.

This ratty little Indigo Bunting also popped up.
Him and his buddies were playing 'Whack a Mole' with me.
"Here I am! No, over here!"

"No, I'm over here now!"

If I had my "Field Guide to the Bird Butts of North America" out, you would know immediately what this was!

You probably know anyway that this is a goofy acting Magnolia Warbly.

This tree was exploding with warblys!
There were a few Blackpolls, a Magnolia and best of all...
a Nashville Warbly! Woo-hoo!

Yep, there were butterflies in the meadow, though none would sit still long enough.
I did catch this slightly tattered Red-spotted Purple taking a break in the evening sun.

We first thought this was a dragonfly zooming towards us.
When it got a little too close we realized it was a Ruby-throated Hummingbird.
He tried to hide, not well enough though!

I can deal with snakes, mice, and most bugs, but spiders give me the willies!
But if it's natural, I'll take a photo and hope it doesn't get me!
I think this is a Cross Spider...what do you think?

Hardest ID of the day.
How do you figure out a Thrush from behind...when you're color blind and it's in the shadows?
You look at another photo with it's head showing! Duh!
(It was a Swainson's Thrush by the way...)

Good night my bloggity buddies!
We'll be back with more soon!


  1. A good selection of birds, in fact, I didn't think that were as many as all that. A good blog though.

  2. Thanks Bob. We keep ending up there too late in the day...one day we'll get an early start...