Sunday, September 12, 2010

September at Magee...

This female Black-throated Blue Warbly has a mighty fine snack in her choppers!

After a bit of a dry spell in bloggity land, I have WAY too much to post and not enough time to post it. Lucky you, eh? Labor Day weekend was a busy one. In addition to the eleventh anniversary of Loopy and the Doodles commitment, it was a birding spectacular!

We spent time at Magee Marsh(as you can see here!), Camp Perry, the Ohio National Guard base close to the BirdMobile, Meadowbrook Marsh and East Harbor State Park. Somehow I will squeeze these posts in this week.

This weekend we went to the bird banding at Black Swamp and, of course, more time on the boardwalk at Magee. You can't get too many warbly things ya know! How am I gonna get caught up? Will someone call my boss and tell him I need an extra (paid!) day off to catch up? Thanks.

See that skinny guy down there? That's me, on the very lonely boardwalk.
It sure doesn't resemble May!

This is the pond at Magee.
Doodles took this one and the photo of the beach that I accidentally deleted from this post.
Wrong button...Stoopid man.

These American Redstarts are way too fidgety!
This is the only shot of this female I managed.

This is a hard one...I think it's an Autumn Meadowhawk dragonfly...
I'm sure someone will let me know!

This is just a pretty flower.
I don't have a plant book yet...I need to figure out the dragons and bugs first!

Speaking of dragons! How's this for a beautiful Black Saddlebags?

The Black-and-White Warblys like to play hide and seek!
They always win...

What do you think? A Blackpoll Warbly with a little snack.
I don't think it's cotton candy...

Look closely at this Blue Dashers face.
I think it's "Odie" from "Garfield"!

Confusing fall warblys? Yep. This dark cheek says to me, Cape May Warbly.
Any comments?

This one I know! Chestnut-sided Warblys are my favorites! to Black-and-Whites...and Black-throated Greens...and...

"Look into my are getting schleepy!"
Beware of female Eastern Pondhawks!

Speaking of Eastern's the manly male...lounging...

Bugs From Behind!
This is a bee mimic flower fly...I need a bigger bug book!

At last, a simple one for me!
It's a Cabbage White
It's a Viceroy butterfly!
It's a Monarch butterfly, yeah!

The Warbling Vireo, waiting to poop on you!

Ha! Booty shot!
And a Black-and-White booty shot to boot!

I have a request for you need to visit a blog of a young Ohio bird buddy of mine. Her name is Kristina and she has tremendous talent as an artist and photographer.

Her blog is "Wild At Heart." Great stuff there (and even a few butt shots!)

We really need to support the young birders out there, they are the future of our past time and the hope of the future of our planet and it's creatures.


  1. Fall warblers = way too hard. I suppose I will learn them all someday, but right now we are so proud when we can shout out, fall Blackburnian! (It's one of the few we know....)

    Your pictures bring us back to a lovely late May weekend at Magee Marsh...

    see ya soon
    Warren and Lisa

  2. It must have been Christmas, what a load of presents. Warbly and dragon and to cap it off was the Monarch butterfly.

  3. I LOVE all those warbly shots! Especially the Blackpoll with her dinner. I should get new batteries for my flash; I think it would definitely make all my bird photos a lot sharper.

    Thank you so very much for including a link to my blog; it's much appreciated. Hopefully I'll get some new followers or readers!

    Speaking of my blog, you're mentioned in my newest post, "Shorebirds Make Me Sore...a!". Check it out:

    Thanks agian,

  4. Warren and Lisa...You love shorebirds and you think fall warblers are hard?! Yoiks! Come on down while the warblys are hoppin!

    Thanks Bob, I even got you to say "Warbly!" It must be Christmas!

    Thank you Kristina for being involved! We need more young birders like you.
    ...oh yea...GET BATTERIES!

  5. Great shots. I have to visit Magee sometime. We visit Pelee every year and its not too far away I think.

  6. Harold, Magee is right across the lake from Pelee. I believe there are ferries that could get you over here in May. You will be amazed!