Thursday, October 21, 2010

Autumn at Ottawa...

Last of the fall warblys.
I don't often get the opportunity to see the yellow stripe on the head of Yellow-rumped Warblys!
I usually see the yellow spot at the other end...

Just a couple of minutes down the road from my favorite Magee Marsh is Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge, my second favorite place to be. It was a great autumn day for a walk through the woodland area of the refuge. It was a sunny and warm day with just enough insects buzzing about to keep our feathered friends full...and the Doodles swatting at thin air. It's fun to watch!

Oh, almost!
I'm getting closer to shooting an in focus portrait of a Brown of these days!

This is a Canada Goose that was hard of hearing.
"What's that? Speak up!"

This pretty little Dark-eyed Junco means it's going to snow soon. Nuts.

Golden-crowned Kinglets move at lightning fast speeds in and out of shrubs and trees.
Sometimes you just have to keep shooting and up they'll pop!

Waaaaay back there in the deep, deep woods is a bird.
Well, looky there, it's a Northern Flicker!

Be very, very quiet, I'm hunting Ruby-crowned Kinglets.
Now say it like Elmer Fudd...go ahead, it'll be fun.
..huh-huh, wooby.

Look at that very fine streaking, I do believe this is a Savannah Sparrow!

Remember my post of last week when I asked for ID help?
Figure this one out, I dare you!
I'll give you a hint, it's a Thrush...and this was the only shot I got.

This is a little bird that must be on crack.
I have never watched anything jump up and down and in and out of a log as fast as this Winter Wren.

I gave up on him...

This is my token autumn leaf photo.
Appropriately enough, that's an Autumn Meadowhawk too!

There's still a few butterflies flitting about, like this Clouded Sulphur...

...and this Eastern Comma.

I hope this Grasshopper knows about Aesop's Fables!

I'm so cheap...instead of giving the Doodles flowers, I just say
"Hey, look at these flowers!"

(and watch out for the bee...oops, too late.)

I'll leave you for now with this very cute Golden-crowned Kinglet.
If you look hard, you can see his golden crown!


  1. Lovely pictures, especially the Brown Creeper. But, they all deserve a mention.

  2. What a great post! When I need a smile in the middle of a crazed workday, it's a treat to find a new entry here. You've got to be the most modest photographer out there, and certainly one of the funniest bloggers. Funny AND still thoughtful & meaningful, what a great combination. Thanks for brightening up a busy Friday!

  3. Thanks Bob-o! I love visiting your blog to see what's happening across the ocean in your patch.

    Kenn, I am embarrassed. Thank you so much for visiting. You and Kimmay mean a lot to us, you're such great friends!
    So, how much do I owe you guys...