Monday, October 18, 2010

No Mysteries Monday...

No mystery's Doodle-Booty!
Actually it's not a Doodles Booty, it's a Wilson's Snipe!(thanks Paula)
My stealthy stealthiness paid off this time!
Well, not really, after I spotted him from the car, I slammed on the brakes of the DoodleMobile,
put it in 'R' and jumped out, got the camera and started shooting.
He didn't care, he just did his wobble into the grass...toodles doodles!

We made it back to our peaceful place, Magee Marsh this past weekend. It's always great to go to your special getaway...and get away from all the moronic political TV ad's...idiots. Anyway, two days, no TV, nice happy birds, dinner with friends and a roaring fire...that will be in a later post. Very warm.

Walking along the boardwalk in autumn is outstanding. It's so tranquil, just hearing the fallen leaves crunching underfoot as you walk along. Aaahhh...

This Wilson's Snipe stayed still long enough for me to get a butt shot and a profile!
This is the first time I saw one's under carriage this clearly.


These mushrooms may explain the Doodles giggling...

If you look very closely at this Ruby-crowned Kinglet's crown, you will notice a bit of rubyness!

And this would be my normal view of the Kinglet...ZOOMIES!!

No amount of preening can make that rustiness go away!

It's always exciting when we get to see these Rusty Blackbirds.
They are always skulking and well hidden
As David Sibley says, listen for the gurgling "chrtldltlr."

I've developed a special pishing technique that makes birds pop up facing away from me.
It works especially well on White-throated Sparrows. Really.

After they pop up, I give them a quiet 'psst' and they turn around.
I don't make this stuff up. Ask the Doodles.

Yellow-rumped Warblys know enough to not eat anything bigger than their head.

I had to post this pretty photo of a Yellow-rump to brace you for the next shot...

Hey everybody! It's the cute Doodles and the obnoxious as always Loopy!
I have my BSBO gang sweatshirt on and my vest with the Birdman patch...we're so cool...


  1. A superb post Dave, your last shot is a..........well, I will look and think.

  2. splendid post Dave. I love your two kinglet shots ;-) They are so hard to get. I'd love to get so many warblery pictures, but I've been quite unsuccessful lately ;-)

  3. Thanks Bob, I hope your eyes will heal soon...

    Merci Chris! I'm good with the warbly things, butt I forget the big birds...the Woodcock is actually a Snipe.

  4. An excellent mix of birds and some great shots. Love those Rusties!!