Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Mysteries from Magee...and more, uh...just more.

Okay kids, put your thinking caps back on!

I have another mystery warbly-type thing for you to help me with. Once again, these were taken on August 7th at Magee Marsh. It was one of those days full of flustering fledglings and bewildering warblys! My brain was certainly itching that day. Now I know why I skipped that file and never labeled anything...yoiks.

Well, it's got a little streaky thing happening on the sides, no wing bars, possibly a weak eye ring.
If only I had a shot of it's booty...

Speaking of fledglings that I'm not sure about...Here's a fledgling I'm not sure about!
Definitely a Flycatcher...maybe an Eastern Wood-Pewee...or maybe not.

I await your decisions!


Didn't anyone ever teach these birds that they should eat with their beaks shut.
How rude...

This Eastern Towhee was first spotted Wednesday evening under the feeders in our back garden.

The Ohio Ornithological Society brain trust in action!

During last weekends conference, the Black Swamp booth had my blog up on their laptop hoping someone give a proper ID to last weeks mystery bird.

From the left we have Andy Jones of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Larry Richardson, world birder, horse owner and curmudgeon extraordinaire, Judy Kolo-Rose, our neighbor and BSBO mega-volunteer, Dave Russell, ornithologist, educator and bird bander and John Pogacnik, Lake county Metroparks naturalist.

So, last weeks mystery bird with their help and many others is a...Common Yellowthroat. Thanks!


  1. Your bird looks like it might be a female Scarlet Tanager. I had one around here earlier in the summer but never see it any more.

  2. You can't make me think at 8.00am. I just like them.

  3. The light streaking, yellow coverts and lack of wing bars look good for Palm Warbler? Is that a bit of a rufous cap in the second picture? Hard to tell without a full look at the face...

    Oh, fall warblys!!!

  4. Thanks everybody! I think the streaking would rule out the Tanager, Palm Warbly sounds good, but I'm still not positive...oh well.

    Sorry Bob, it's rough early in the am! Thanks for liking them anyway!