Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Living in the Past...

As you can see from his angry eyes,
White-crowned Sparrows do not like their photos taken...especially from behind!

They say you shouldn't look back...unfortunately, that's the way most of my photos are! This is part of the "newly re-discovered" files from the Biggest Week in American Birding last May at Magee Marsh. I will torment you more in the future with these looks into our past(?)!

A little more Black-and-White Warbly booty for you!

The only time you'll see a quiet Black-capped Chickadee...his mouth is full!

An eleven Warbly day! At least that's how many I managed to photograph,
including this female Black-throated Blue Warblything.

A Black-throated Green from below. Careful where you stand...

Canada Warbly. I'm out of Canada jokes right now. I might have to move there...

Like most everyone else, a Cape May Warbly looking down on me...

I could hear "Shake Your Booty" in the marsh when I spotted this Common Yellowthroat!
(Trivial side note: If you watch that video link, look at the clear shield around the drums. I made that!) Egret...
Ha...get it?...It's a Great Egret...
I gotta explain everything...sheesh...

Yep, another one of those crappy photos by Dave...
This one is a Hooded Warblything.

Back door of a House Wren...

Yeah! A Kirtland's Warbly!
Jann guessed it last post!

How many Maggie May jokes can I use?
It's a Magnolia May.

Speaking of crappy photos. I sure got my share of them on this day!
All of those rare skulkers trying to hide in the brush...I'll find you my pretties!
This is a Mourning Warblything.

This Northern Waterthrush was looking at his beautiful image in the water.
"I'm feel pretty, oh so pretty. So pretty and witty and wise!"

A little Monet pose by a Prothonotary Warbly...fancy...

A Red-eyed Vireo needs to get more sleep...then he wouldn't be red eyed anymore.

The Scarlet Tanager doesn't get it...he'll have to read it again...

On a somewhat serious note...
Thanks to all of our veterans on this Veterans Day.
A lot of my family members have served, uncles in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers during the first world war, my dad in the U.S. army in WWII(that's how he became a U.S. citizen) and my brothers during the Vietnam conflict. (I have to thank Phil for Christmas of 1969!)

War is a terrible thing that always seems to have the brunt pushed onto the working class while the politicians sit on their butts passing out war contracts to their friends...anyway...

Here's to all of the men and women that have served!


  1. Well, You know, you cant hink whatever you want about your pictures. I jusdt love the way you take them and present your messages... It is kind of reminding me that this warbly fwellows are not that easy to get pictures of ;-)

  2. A beautiful series, a birdie is a mate, thank you birdie.

  3. Thank you Chris. I can't always get the greatest shots, but I really enjoy documenting the wonders that I see when we're out in nature.

    Bob, birds are our best mates!

  4. Hi Dave, Got something for you on my blog ;-)

  5. I always love your warbly usually have almost every warbly under the sun too! You have some beautiful shots here.

  6. Hi Dave, always so jealous to see the species you guys get over there!

  7. Hi Dave,

    Just love visiting your blog.There's always a smile on my face when I read your posts and great images too.Haven't been blogging much lately as the little one is keeping me very busy. Hope to be back soon.

    So long

  8. Hi Shantana! Thanks for visiting. I can't imagine an 8 month old keeping you busy!

  9. Thanks Matt...maybe you should pay us a visit!
    It's absolutely amazing here in April and May. Warblys Galore!