Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Warbly with Guts...

My, my! What has the little Black-and-White Warblything caught?

You can blame the Doodles for the title today. These were from a Lost File(place scary music here) I recently came across. This Black-and-White Warbly was so busy jumping from limb to limb chasing down anything that crept and crawled...and then devouring them.

I'm still working on folders from May at Magee. I didn't realize how many photos I shot during the Biggest Week in American Birding! It was an eleven warbly a good number of woodland buddies too! Stay tuned...

So, what's black and white and red all over? My lens...
Oh yeah, squeeze it til it squirts!

Whistling with a bug in your mouth is like whistling after eating crackers...


I wouldn't think of leaving you without a nice butt shot!
Thanks for stopping by!

Who's this rare visitor?
Stay tuned for more from May!


  1. Lovelly images, the B@W Warbler is one the nicest warbler ;)

  2. Kirtland's Warbler? Lovely shots anywho. :-D

  3. Thanks Dominic.

    Helen, with a wonderful bird, it's easy.

    Hi Jann, we were lucky enough to have TWO Kirtland's Warblers visit us this May...and we had one last September too(lifer!)

  4. Beautiful images Dave! All of them are really cute and nice... I love the last one and now I know the name cause I read the comments ;-)

  5. Good job Chris! I'll give you the prize of the just have to come here to pick it up...Thanks!