Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wildlife after de-regulation...

Well, the elections are over at last. If the Republicans hold to their platform and start to remove regulations safe guarding the American people and our slowly shrinking wildlife, we could be in trouble.

Think about BP and Big Oil and the cash they poured into these campaigns. And then there's corporations like Haliburton...I could go on, but I won't. We, and I mean all of the many birders that follow this blog and your friends, need to continue to write letters to your government representatives. Push them to pass the Clean Water Act. Urge them to continue to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Stay in touch and show them that we aren't just a bunch of bird watchers that don't want to get involved.
No Woodpeckers or Creepers...

No Sparrows...

No Wrens...

No Tanagers...

No Chickadees...



  1. Woops, we are really in it from the start. I agree with you.

  2. I bird. I vote. This won't be my future. Tell another friend, then another...

  3. I totally agree with you, but working in marine animal conservation and science, I also truly know that sending letters or doing presentation explaining the collapse of species is just nice but unfruitful... They do not care! Still we should continue our work for sure!

  4. Thanks for the comments. I think we all realize we don't have the same power over politicians that the corporations do, but with great numbers we can have an effect.

  5. It starts with local government, and you have access to those people!

    I have spent nearly every waking minute of the last month calling, emailing, and visiting every local politician, city official, township trustee, school board member, et cetera, that I could convince to talk to me. The issue we're currently dealing with in the Lake Erie Marsh Region is wind power and the complete lack of regulations about where we install turbines that can exceed 300 feet. These noncommercial, "midsized" turbines can go up literally anywhere in the landscape with absolutely no oversight or input from any agencies, including the wildlife agencies. I keep waiting to drive into the entrance of Magee Marsh or Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge and see a 300+ foot wind turbine being installed. THIS COULD HAPPEN -- and there's currently no one besides BSBO doing anything about it.

    Sorry about the rant, Dave. I'm just in wind power mode right now and can't really shift myself out of it.

    Thanks for the compelling post. ~k

  6. I had been thinking about this yesterday. This post made me really, really sad. I want to be involved!

  7. Thanks Kim...if only there were more great people like you! I've written to Kucinich and Voinovich(he didn't really care to much) and I'll keep on doing it.

    Cindi, don't be sad! Check with your local bird group or Black Swamp Bird Observatory, there's a lot we can all do!