Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Ones That Got Away...again...

Formerly nicely framed Downy Woodpecker.

*Due to the recent holiday weekend, your bloggity host was unable to take new photos, so...
Just to make myself feel better about some of the crappy photos I've posted, here's a few that are even crappier...can I say "crappy" on the world wide web? I guess I just there.

Baltimore Orioles know right when you press the shutter release...

Sometimes they just try to tip-toe away from you, like this not so sneaky Common Moorhen.
Hey, stoopid! I can see you!

This Green Heron kept trying to dodge me behind this tree. He won, I gave up...

Warblies are famous for their zoomy talents.
Prothonotarys are especially good at this.

Oh, I almost had a great butt shot of this Red-eyed Vireo.
And how can you tell if this is a Red-eyed Vireo?
Look at the previous shot of course...silly people...

Then there are times when they SHOULD have gotten away.
This White-throated Sparrow still scares me...

I like Midland Painted Turtles...they don't get away very often...

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  1. Dude! I think the Baltimore Oriole shot is stunning. :-) It would make a really cool painting.

  2. Dudette! You can paint it...cause you're the painter!

  3. Good lord these shots are horrible. I think my ratio is one good shot to a thousand losers and it looks like your in the same boat! Very funny. I need to do a post on my empty limb pictures. Empty Limb Tuesday

  4. Thanks Springman...I think...I like the idea of Empty Limb Tuesday!

  5. Excellent Dave.. You make me laugh all the time. Like Kelly I love the Baltimore oriole shot a lot...

  6. Thank you Chris, butt you know, I'm not trying to be funny.(yes I am!)