Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dux Delux...redux...

An American Wigeon doing the flappy thing.

Dux Delux...redux...If you've been following this blog for a little while(sorry if you have!) you may remember my posts from last year with lots of dux! This weekend we finally made it out for a little more duck hunting. We were planning on meeting the fine friendly folks from the Wilderness Center and the Greater Mohican Audubon for an outing to Castalia Pond. Due to the fact that I am a dawdler...especially when it's TWO degrees outside, we missed them.

No matter...the ducks were still there.

This pond is spring fed and the water is always open. When Lake Erie freezes, this is a great place to visit to spot many species of duck...just pay attention to which way the wind is blowing. That lovely aroma of rotten eggs from the spring water can alter the location of your breakfast.

Let's see...there's a Northern Pintail, Canada Geese, Mallards, American Black Duck and a Bufflehead.
And that's just at that end...We also saw Redhead, Lesser Scaup and Gadwall!

Did I mention a few Canada Geese?

I heard this Belted Kingfisher calling and couldn't spot him until he was coming right at me!
Don't worry, I'm okay.

Loosey Goosey? Nope, it's more like those Mallards that are the loose ones!
What is your mother going to say?

The Doodles got out of the car to make like a birder...

...and when she realized how cold it was, back into the car she went!
Doodles aren't cold weather birds...

Please note, the ONLY footprints around the pond were mine and one goose.
I would have jumped in, but I can't swim...and I live by a lake.
Go figure.

I don't know about you, but Northern Shovelers give me the willys.
Something about the way they stare at you...

This guy was down right evil looking!

Luckily he just gave me the butt shot!


  1. Dave, you crack me up!! What a delightful post. Yep, you're a die-hard geeky birder, and there's the picture to prove it!! I have a lot of those pictures - even have a 'geeky birder' folder in My Pictures!! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning. Hope the Doodles got warmed up! ~karen

  2. Yep, lots of ducks. And it's Siberian cold everywhere!

  3. Thanks Karen! Did I make you squirt coffee out your nose?

    Andy, M. R. DUCKS. Yep.

  4. Hey- watch those comments about Shovelers!
    A truly magnificent bird!