Thursday, January 20, 2011

Swan Lake...acte deux...?...

How often do you get to see an actual Swan performing Swan Lake?

Let's see...where was I? Oh yeah, Swans on the frozen lake! Lots of swans...lots of ice, ice baby!

No, no, no! I said HEADS up!
Stoopid Swans...

"Swan Leg"...ha.

"Tag, you're it!...Hey, wait a second!"

Yummy! Fresh frozen fish!

Did you know that Tundra Swans like to race? It's true...really...

The American Tree Sparrows are not amused...

You can tell that these are American Canadian Geese because they fly in clumps and not v's.
Must be Republicans...they're flying right...

A butt with bling!


  1. Nice day at the opera. Did you take your opera ass, er glass?

  2. Marianne!!! Anyway, it was a ballet...and I had my tutu on...

  3. Yes..I like your blog! Whenever I want a good Buttz shot fix I come here..and of course there's always fun and silly commentary. Dammit

  4. Great post Dave! Really like the racing pic. Thanks for making me laugh but now I have that stoopid song in my head!

  5. Thanks Dawn! (You should get your 'cap locks' fixed btw.) Gotta love them bootys! Dammit.

    Binaca, you're a nice, nice baby! hehehehehe!

  6. Swans ice skating, and a pirouette. I love your Tree Sparrow, wow, it's cuddly.

  7. Hi Bob! Thanks, love them lil' sparrows!