Monday, January 17, 2011

A "Short" intermission...

You had to know that the first shot I would get would be from the south end!

We heard that Short-eared Owls had been working the fields and marsh along the causeway to Magee Marsh(thanks Ken Keffer!). So me and the Doodles decided it was time for a stake out!

This would be a lifer for both of us and we don't believe in chasing all over for birds. Since we we're already at the BirdMobile, what the heck, let's sit in the freezing cold, in the dark and see if we can see anything zoom past! Our buddies "Hudy" parked at the opposite end of the parkway. Who ever spies the birdie first will flash their lights. Of course, they spot two at their end first and we make a bee line for them!

We could see them zooming across the fields and past the trees, but nothing photo worthy. Oh well, we got a lifer and didn't freeze to death! We had to do a U turn on the causeway to get back to the BM and while turning I thought I saw a shadow on a bird box. I drove a little closer, and there he was, posing for me...but facing the wrong way of course...Go figure...

I'm used to shooting birds off in the distance and forgot to adjust my flash up higher to better light him up.
ISO 3200 helps to get Short-eared Owls at night!

This is one of my first shots. I was desperate for evidence.
If you had any doubts about my photographic's proof that you were probably right...
I should save this for "International Crappy Photo Day!"

Oh yeah, there was a Bald Eagle there too...


  1. Way to go! And you're not Loopy-sicles, either. Good day, that.

  2. Well done Dave, I have never seen one either.

  3. Thanks Marianne! Well, almost not Loopy-sicles, my toes were a little numb!

    Bob, we'll have to trade places for a week!

    Thanks Tex, very subtle advertising plug there. I don't think my readers are rich enough to buy one of your ranches though...ha!

  4. Wow the bald eagle mate... I've not seen one for two years now and I never saw them so close!! I envy you ;-)

  5. Congrats on your lifer! I so enjoy birding from the car during the winter...

  6. You should do a little write up on night shooting. There's a fox I want to get and he is a night time guy.Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River.

  7. Thank you, Dave for visiting my blog!!
    I hope to put smiles on folks faces! ;O)

  8. Great to get a lifer like that.
    And the eagle; wow!

  9. How neat that you were able to get several pics---even in the dark. good for you. MB

  10. Great captures Dave. I like the first image as it is..the eyes just draw you in.

  11. I'm with Gary, if you could organise a night bird photography seminar, perhaps in Vegas, I would like to attend. I find your style of birding intreguing for its level of comfort and your use of signal lights? Inspired.
    One if by land, two if by sea? To funny! ;-)WBW

  12. Thanks Chris, we'll have to change places for a week!

    Lisa & Warren,Birding by car is warmer...unless you have the windows open.

    Gary & Springman, Thanks! If only I really knew what I was doing...Vegas would be great, especially in January!

    Oh Wilbur! Thanks!(I'm still laughing)

    Thanks Keith. The number of Eagles out here is amazing for Ohio!

    Thank you MB! It's good to be able to boost up the ISO on the camera to 3200 or higher.

    Thanks Andrew, I like the glowing eyes as well. You never know what you have until you download them!

  13. Great photos - and the eyes shining in the dark are fantastic.

  14. If it's any consolation Dave, the "jizz", even the eyes sure looks like Short-eared. Over here they often hunt in the day, so try late afternoon?

  15. I always come in when the sun goes down...never even considered shooting at night. Love your captures!

  16. Thanks Phil, it was definitely a Shorty! We saw at least three zooming back and forth at about 5:30pm.

    Thank you Pam, there's always something to look at no matter what time of day!