Friday, January 14, 2011

Swan Lake, Act I...

What a day to be on the shores of Lake Erie! Very crisp and clear...and very loud!

We decided to check out Metzger Marsh to look for ducks..and maybe even a gull(you know gulls, those white and gray flappy things.) When we pulled up, we couldn't believe the sight in front of us, lots of ice and off in the clear patches, Swans! Dozens and dozens of them! I counted 102 Trumpeter and Tundra and 2 Mute Swans before more started flying in and I got dizzy.

The sounds of these huge birds can be deafening when they all get riled up at the same time, the high pitched Tundras and the honky Trumpeters and the...wait the Mutes didn't say much...
Add to that the sound of the lake cracking and popping as the water moved under the ice.

The wonders of nature...let's try to save them, shall we?

I was so excited to see 3A0, my favorite Trumpeter Swan!
She was born in August of 2004, and I first saw her in March of 2009.
I've spotted her a few times a year ever since...along with her mate and many cygnets!

There's always a loner...

Sometimes you just got to get flappy!

Those two dark spot in front of the cooling tower?
They're a pair of Bald Eagles feasting on fresh frozen duck.
We saw five Eagles out on the ice harassing those Canada Geese and ducks

That's the Doodles and Judy on the icy pier at Metzger.
You don't want to go swimming today!

Poor WRBLRZ, frozen solid and covered with road salt!

By the way...if you own a cat, keep them indoors!
These two were hunting the American Tree Sparrows that were feeding in the area.

The beauty of Lake Erie in the winter...