Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Further Adventures of Loopy and the Doodles in "It's Freezing!"

No fishing on Lake Erie today!

Yea! We have working plumbing at the BirdMobile once again! To celebrate, we decided to go out to, wait for it....MAGEE MARSH! Where else do you think we would go? We made a few other birdy stops as well, but you'll have to wait for those.

I'm not sure why, but we didn't see another soul out there! To say the woods were quiet qould be an understatement. But standing on the 'beach' on the other hand...If you don't live near a large body of water that freezes in the winter you may not understand this. IT WAS REALLY LOUD OUT THERE! The sounds of the waves coming in and out under the ice, the large sheets of ice giving in to the movements and the cracking, popping and scrapping sounds were amazing.
Even if you don't see many birds, you should head towards the water to listen. Close to sunset gets the loudest.

By the way, we did see a few birds. Not many would hold still long enough for me to squeeze my frozen fingers to shoot them. I'll get them next time...

This is a TimberDoodle in her winter plumage.
Second hat?...check.
Down coat?...check.
Thermal undies?...check.
Turtle neck sweater?...check.
Flannel lined jeans?...check.
2 pairs of socks?...check.
Foot warmers?...check.
Insulated boots?...check.
Someone to lift me up so I can walk?...check.

If Charlie Chaplin was a birder, he would look and walk like this.

Once again, if it's cold, you'll find plenty of Downy Woodpeckers ready to pose for their close ups!
We watched this guy drilling at least a half dozen holes.

"First, you drill a nice hole in the tree..."

"Then you spit out the woody bits!"

"Oh my! If you drill the right kind of hole in the right place, you get a big juicy treat!"

I think there's a rule about seeing at least one Bald Eagle every trip.
We ended up with seven for the weekend!

Once again, the Northern Cardinals are trying to hide from me.

See those tracks on the railing?...

Yep, that's the "Squirrel Highway!"
Lots of exit ramps nearby...

Uh, "No Swimming?"


  1. Is it snowing there?
    Good pictures of the Woodpecker.

  2. You're nuts, you know that doncha? And we love to hear of your nutty adventures.

  3. A beautiful post from the frigid shores of Lake Erie! Timber Doodle shows great fashion sense for the winter birding season. I would put the flannel lined jeans as number one on the list of must have accessories. That and a flask!

  4. Lovely images and a great post. Winter clothing also look great. A beautiful place thanks for sharing.

  5. Hello Bob! Snowing? Yes, I am buried in it! 9 more weeks until spring...

    Dearest Ranger Anna...and what are you for reading this silly blog? Hmmm? hehehehehe...

    Springman, I knew we forgot something! Flask?...check!

    Thanks Andrew! it is a gorgeous patch to bird in!

  6. Hahaha! I'm still trying to thaw out from that birding trip I took with you and The Doodles two years ago...and the lake wasn't even frozen then. I recognize that boardwalk, btw. Great snag of the Downy snagging dinner--cool!!

  7. Great shots of the Downey!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  8. Great shots of you and the TimberDoodle Dave! It looks a bit cold out there but you know how crazy birders are ;-)

    The Downy Woodpecker shots are super! I especially like the first one. I can almost hear him drumming.

  9. That looks so cold; good job you have the winter plumage. Love that lol
    Great shot of the Downy Woodpecker 'drilling' in the first.

  10. Hummmm... I lvoe the squirrel highway a lot ;-) as well as the first downy picture with this nice drilling effect ;-) Very nice post Dave.... And it looks like it's cold but you were really well dressed ,-)

  11. Aww that's a sweet-looking Downy... And boy am I cold just looking at these photos!

  12. Hi Kelly! You should come up here now...with everything warm that you own!

    Thanks Gary. I'll bet it's warmer here too!

    Larry, birders are crazy? Huh.

    Thanks Keith. I guess the cold and snow is moving back and forth across the Atlantic. It's your turn next!

    Hi Chris, thanks!

    Thank you Jen, It really isn't that cold when you wear all of your clothes!