Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm coming out...

Passer Domesticus

Yes, I must admit the truth to you all. I may lose a few readers because of this, but I can't hide it any longer.

After reading Jim McCormac's blog, "Ohio Birds and Biodiversity," I had the overwhelming need to fess up. I LIKE HOUSE SPARROWS! (What did you think I was going to say?) I know my British and European friends will understand and not look down on me. I can't help myself. I believe it is a genetic thing that you're born with. Some of us like House Sparrows, some of us go the other way...when we see one.

Thank you. I feel better now.

Who's the cute little baby?
Here's a special little friend, an Albino House Sparrow.
You must admit, he is a good looking bird!
Think of what they've done, introduced in the 1800's, they've spread throughout North America.
While in Britain they are on the decline.

Now European Starlings on the other hand...


  1. Man, this is a close call, but after two seconds of deliberation, I will keep you on my blog roll. We have less problems with starlings than house sparrows. We do enjoy startling them to watch them all take off in a big group and fly away, over and over again while the other birds sit on the platform and calmly keep eating. Now, if we had an albino, that would really be something.


  2. Pssssst, I like House Sparrows, too, but I can understand how they can be a problem.

  3. I think it's like that with any common bird.

    That last photo with caption - brilliant!

  4. I like House Sparrows too...and painted 3 portraits of them last year. My grandma used to call them Chippies, so I do too.

  5. I like House Sparrows too!! Which is good because I have dozens at my feeders. Heck, I even like Starlings

  6. I like them too mate... I love to see them around in the garden... beautiful pictures of them you got, I never managed that!

  7. I knew this one would get a few comments!
    Am I bad for liking the unlikable? No, I don't think so. Especially when I'm not the only one!

    Thanks everyone!

    PS-The Starlings...well, I won't say any more...

  8. I love them too, shame about the poor Starling.

  9. haha! Great post, but I still can't stand House Sparrows. Glad you manned up, though.

  10. I like house sparrows too. In fact here in Moscow we have so little kinds of birds that seeing house sparrows around is a joy. Haven't seen any albinos here though.
    4th photo is such a nice close-up - I'm going to make it my wallpaper this month )

  11. Sorry about the Starling too Bob...well, just a little sorry.

    Thanks BirdCouple! I know you look at House Sparrows too!

    Hi Aluajala! It's hard to find any birds in the winter, especially in Moscow! Thanks for saving my photo for your wallpaper!