Sunday, February 20, 2011

An American Symbol...For How Much Longer?

I think he spotted me!

On our way home from the BirdMobile today we stopped for a quick look(at a good distance!) of this Bald Eagle nest. We don't often see the nest occupied, but today both Eagles were present and arguing over which stick should go where. Eagles are big on Feng Shui you know...

I'm sure you've heard about the revolutions going on the the Middle East and North Africa of late. It's amazing what can happen when a group of people want change. It reminding me of the sixties and seventies and the environmental movement. People were fed up with big business and politicians ruining the planet. Young people stood up and demanded change.

There's a tremendous number of birders in the United States, according to many polls, it's the largest 'hobby' in the country. With groups like Audubon and the American Birding Association you would think we would have more power to organize and have our views heard and make positive changes. But, no. The polticos want to strip the EPA of it's powers and remove the Clean Air Act. That may save some money, but then again, we won't be alive to use it.

If you really love birds and appreciate the return from the brink of these Bald Eagles...STAND UP AND BE COUNTED! Contact your local representatives, call them, email them, write them!



Off to find more branches...

Good, now that he's gone, I can fix this properly...

If you belong to a local birding organization like the Black Swamp Bird Observatory, check with them for more information on getting involved. On behalf of the Bald Eagles, I thank you.


  1. It's the left arm you mean. Good photos of the Bald Eagle, one of my favourites.

  2. Great that you got this nest in a deciduous tree before it leafed out. The eagles' nest I follow is in a White pine so there is always background and chunks of green branch to manuever around photographically.

  3. Hi Dave,
    I think that people can make revolution but at the end, it is always the same type of persons who will get there. Look at us also in Iceland, we got the previous government away, by at the end we are still getting the same shit, people are paying other person mistake, loosing their job, their house and their life.... I used to be optimistic, I'm not that much anymore!

  4. Morning Dave. Great Call to Arms: Planet Not Profit. I like it and I will steal it to use myself. We're in the same boat up here. Cuts and slashes to environmental, wildlife, etc. programs plus opening up/selling off public lands are jeopardizing habitat. Too many people are too passive and lazy to DO anything. We all have to raise our voices.

  5. Great photos of that nest and the Eagles!! Awesome!!

  6.'s more like "Left Arm!"

    Yes Bob, wayyyyyy left! Thanks!

    Thanks for visiting Robin!

    You're right Chris, it is hard to be optimistic these days, but I'm not ready to give in!

    Thanks Kathy! I think if we all use "Planet Before Profit" in all of our correspondence it may catch on. Then again someone will steal it and make a million dollars too...

    Thank you Ginny!

  7. Dave!
    Thanks, nice post and nice reminder. I keep thinking of Jimmy Carter and his nice sweater and only if we had tried to grow less dependent on oil way back then... how far we would be today

    Love to Doodles!

  8. Thanks BirdCouple! Our governments motto: "Would-a, Should-a, Could-a."