Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Hey! You're that Bird Butt Guy!"

A little Yellow Warbly thing showing of his yellow warbly bits...

So here we are at the Biggest Week in American Birding at Magee Marsh...our first night at the opening festivities and I hear someone say..."Hey! There's that bird butt guy!" Yep, that's me.

I dreamed of fame as a photographer when I was younger(MUCH younger) butt, little did I know it would be because of the south end of little birdies. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Well, actually I think there may be something wrong with that, butt we'll save that for the therapist...

Where was I...oh, that "bird butt guy"...Friday morning we hit the boardwalk and start seeing our first warbly things. We meet a couple from San Diego and we're having a good time and I hand him my card...once again "You're that Bird Butt Guy!" He saw my car in the lot with the Birds From Behind signs on it. Kenn Kaufman and others are at Point Pelee warbling...when Kenn spots a warbly high up, facing the wrong direction and says "There's a Dave view of a warbler!" At bird banding this morning they had an uncooperative warbly that kept sticking his tail up...they showed everyone and told them "This is the Dave end of the bird."

I wanted to be famous. Be careful what you ask for, it may not be what you expect. I'm just happy that you're all behind me in this!

Cape May Warbly...pointing towards Cape May...

Hard to tell that this is a Golden-winged Warbly isn't it?
Not for me, I'm used to this...

Even the Ovenbirds flip me the tail...

Not quite a Black-and-White Warbler from behind, butt...close enough for me!

How could I leave you without a Yellow-rumped Warbly showing off all of yellowy goodness!

We give special thanks to our great friend Kimmay Kaufman of BSBO for all of her help and encouragement over the years! She is a great person and a great friend of the birds.


  1. You make me feel that I would love to be there at this moment. Never mind, I can always look at yours, great birding.

  2. Lovely images with humour to illustrate your day.
    A nice post to read Dave.

  3. AH, Loopy-

    You take bird photography to new highs... or lows? :) Glad you are famous!

  4. Thanks Bob, It is amazing out here in May!

    Thank you Andrew.

    Cheri...or do you mean "Bad Photography?"

  5. Dave, you were mentioned when Greg Miller and I were going through our photos the other day. I have a great Northern Parula from behind if you're interested!