Monday, May 9, 2011

May at Magee...the madness has begun...

This "poor" little Whip-poor-will just couldn't get any rest with the hundreds of birders checking him out...

The Biggest Week In American Birding started off with a bang. That bang could have been a few passing thunderstorms...or me whacking my head on a low limb...

LOTS of great birds, Doodles has the list and she passed out already, so you'll have to wait. Four days so far of very intense birding, walking and talking with old and new friends from the world over. Truly amazing! Our birding buddies from Tropical Birding are back in force along the boardwalk and other sites in the area, helping out with ID's and locations of all the many Warbly Things flitting in and out.

We just arrived home for a few days of real work, then back to Magee for three more days of silliness. As I browse through the many fuzzy, dark, fuzzy, bright, fuzzy, empty branch, fuzzy butts shots, I'm sure I'll find at least one to post for you. That way you can tell yourself, "At least my pics are better than that Bird Butt Guy...!"

Mr. Downy was as cranky as I was in the rain!

This is how Lincoln's Sparrows play Tic-Tac-Toe.
I lost by the way...

Oh look. A Northern Waterthrush not in the water.

Could it be? A Palm Warbly not from behind!

I love watching the Red-winged Blackbirds having a "Puffing Up" contest.

I know they're Wood Ducks, but it's still not right in my brain to see ducks in trees.

So, how many of these shots do you think I have?
No. More...many, many more.

That's a Yellow Warbly in case you were wondering why he is so yellowy.


  1. Super photos!! I know its like ducks in trees weird...Love the yellow at the END.

  2. One of the things I miss most out west is Whip-por-wills. Love love love the critters. I'll be sending some mountain goat butt shots your way...

  3. oh, sooo jealous! Wish we were there! It looks like you are having wonderfulness - what is this work thing in May?

    Hugs to Doodles, Paul and Lisa

  4. Thanks Sondra! Ducks is weird.

    Oh, Marianne! Don't tease me!

    Hi Warren and Lisa...I wish I didn't have to deal with that work thing in May...oh well, it pays for cameras!