Monday, May 30, 2011

May 21st, 2011, yep another original title...

It's a "Yellowstart!" Actually it's a female American Redstart, but since it's not red, it's now a yellowstart.
So there. Rzzzzzzzt!

My brain still itches.

We stretched the Biggest Week in American Birding to three weeks...well almost. We had to go to work in between birding bonanzas. I grew sick of the phrase "It sure is great to be retired!" I'm sure it is. I wouldn't know. Not that I'm bitter or anything...(ha!)

So, where was I, oh yeah, that biggest week thing...boy we did see some birds! Doodles got two lifers and I had one( Barn Owl for both of us and a Phila. Vireo for the Doodles.) 107 species in 5 days, and 27 warbly things! I'm not sure where the bird list is...I will let you know about the rest of our time at Magee Marsh. And one of these days I'll go through the Doodles pics of people and places...and PIE! I think you may even see Bobb around somewhere...

Only a real birder would stand at the edge of a marsh to watch a bird eat ants.
This Baltimore Oriole was having a feast!
Not as good as pie...

Hey look!
It's an Orioles nest!

Hey Look!
This Oriole is watching me watching him!

Bay-breasted Warbly thing from behind...

At the starting line...and they're off and...well...never mind...
Two Midland Painted Turtles and a scarce Blanding's Turtle chillin in the sun.

Cedar Waxwings in the peanut gallery...

I spy with my little eye...a Common Yellowthroat!

Did I ever mention seeing one or two Dunlin on the beach?

Out from the depths of Magee Marsh...You've heard of the Loch Ness Monster,
well now beware of the Eastern Fox Snake!

"Why are all of these birders making so much noise? I just want to take a nap!"
Eastern Screech Owls get cranky in the morning...

"Ole Sole Mio" Gray Catbird style...

"Harry's always trying to get the spotlight. Yeah."

Ever wonder why I like Black-and-white Warblys, Gray Catbirds and
Gray-cheeked Thrushes so much?
I'll tell you anyway...I'm color blind and their names are easy to remember...

House Wrens look so cute...until they try to peck your eyes out!

Yummm...pond sushi...all the rage with Red-winged Blackbirds!

Ruddy Turnstone...silly name.
Yes that water does look mucky.
No it's not oil.
We have had LOTS of rain and the silt has washed into Lake Erie and back onto the beaches.
Smells good too...

ARRRGHHHH!!! Another snake!
(Poor Chris.)

Poor Tree Swallow, his head is bigger than his hole.

This is what a Wilson's Warbly looks like before he POOPS on your flash!

"Does this leaf make my beak look big?"
Yellow Warblys are so vain...

Oh. My. Gosh.
A normal photo of a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher!

Ha! Fooled's his butt!

By the way...You can view a news clip about the Biggest Week in American Birding by
clicking HERE!


  1. i will definitively label your blog as very dangerous ;-) All these snakes around!!! Nice post anyway and ncie pictures of bird. I'm very jealous about your cedar waxwings ;-)

  2. Oh such Memories...You are making me hoo...You are so lucky to have the Bird mobile!

  3. Oh, my goodness. I have missed your sense of humor!! Great post and super pictures! ~karen