Thursday, June 2, 2011

Birdin' On The Boardwalk...

This Prothonotary Warbly is checking out the boardwalk for any bugs left by the birders...

It's amazing what you can see ON the boardwalk in May! You may even see a few birders out and about...and maybe soon I'll show more of the folks we met this May during the Biggest Week!

...and then sometimes you don't see anything...I knew it was there a second ago...

This TimberDoodle was actually a few inches from the boardwalk. Close enough for me!
What a cool set of peepers!

Hey kids! It's Dawn and Jeff from "Dawn's Bloggy Blog!"
We finally met up and had a few meals together...oh yeah, we went birding too!

A little Black-capped Chickadee wondering what all the hub-bub is about.

Actually I think he saw a juicy bug on this guys little camera!

Did I mention the Dunlins we saw...near the boardwalk?

This was known as "The Mourning Warbly Zone."
He's down in there somewhere...

This is not a Mourning Warbly.
Poor House Wren, nobody is paying any attention to you...

It's Terry and Joanne from Western Cuyahoga Audubon!

Why do Red-winged Blackbirds always turn their backs on me?
For that matter, why do ALL birds turn their backs on me?

Our buddies from Tropical Birding were out in force helping ID birds and leading walks all around the area.
That's Christian in the "loud" vest!

Another Red-winged Blackbird walking away...
I'm starting to get a complex...

Hi! My name is Dave and I have a very bad memory.
This is a friend of our friend Will from Colorado.
I'm sure she'll send me an email to remind me...(I really need to write things down...)



  1. Aww..I know two of those critters intimately.. Fine folks...hee hee This is the second post I have read of yours that has me hoo..I should be laughing at all the buttz..butz I cant...I want to go walk the boardwalk now!

  2. It must be an outrageous event, all those birders watching the burds.

  3. Barely elbow room, great birds tho!!!

  4. A great post.. backed up with your lovely images.

  5. Thanks for the post from home. I'm so sick of the snow and cold, that I needed a pick me up~~bird butt style.