Monday, June 13, 2011

A New Birder!

Jett the Birder...nice hat too!

A new birder has been made. The Doodles nephew, Jett, has been transformed. For his fourth birthday she found him the ultimate birders accessory, a khaki vest. As we all know, one cannot bird properly without the proper amount of pockets to stuff all of the proper gear you need to bird properly. He now has the proper pockets and a proper pair of small binoculars.

BT3's "Young Birder's Guide to Birds of the Eastern United States" may be the ideal gift for his next birthday...or maybe I can get the Doodles to give up her copy...

To test out his new attire we went to North Chagrin Reservation, home to friendly Wood Ducks and Jetts favorite bird, the Great Blue Heron. After packing the whole family up(well, we didn't actually pack them up...) we finally made it to the park. Jett's bins just weren't exciting enough and he decided he wanted to help me shoot ducks. Luckily my monopod goes low enough for a four year old!

I think my camera was as big as Jett. I helped him hold it up right.
Once he heard the sound of the shutter going off, he wouldn't let go.
Twenty two shots later...

I'm so proud of him...Wood Ducks from Behind!
He managed to get three shots with the ducks actually in the frame before the camera started to aim higher and higher...

You always gotta check out your work!

Those ducklings are as cute as Jett.

And now...another fine episode of:

"A Bird Possessed"



*use your imagination here.

This is where the pea soup spewed forth from the fiery bill of this fierce-some Red-winged Blackbird from Heck.

(I felt I should spare you from the extreme graphic nature of this true life event.)

Stayed Tuned for more exciting tales from...



  1. aww..such a cute little birder.

  2. Excellent and congrats to Jett for his first try, he got nice pictures ;-) You might as well get him his own camera (not as heavy as yours ;-) )....

  3. This is awesome. Bookmark this post to read again in the winter when you are waiting for the warblers to arrive!!

    I have never seen a red-winged blackbird with the color stripes all puffed out like that. Totally awesome!