Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hide and Seek!

Wilson's Warblers don't hide very well...

I was going to title this "May 13th," but I thought you may have had enough of those blog titles for a while. At least until next week if I don't come up with anything clever.

Have I ever mentioned how much I like birds...and birding...and photography? Well, I like the IDEA of photography. The actual process sometimes pi$$es me off(can I say that here?) I'm sure you understand. Let's take a closer look at birding...

You see the stalk it trip over a stick and whack your head on a low branch. The bird flies away.

You see the aim you bins or camera towards the can't find the bird. It flew away. You photograph the branch anyway.

You see the bird...he's posing wonderfully...a friend sees you and screams out your name. The bird flies away, again.

You see the get it in your take a wonderful photo. You wake up and realize it was a dream.

Yeah...I saw it...from behind and below!
Figured it out yet?

I'll tell you later...

The Yellowy-rumples were all hiding from me on this day!

Blackpoll Warblys think if they hide their eyes, you won't be able to see them.
Some warblys aren't too bright...other than the colors...

No it's not a snake in the grass!
It's an American Goldfinch in the grass!

We had a lot of Canada Warblys that day...all hiding of course.

Oh my. White eye ring.
Connecticut Warbly!
One day I will see one without the crowd around and be able to get a real in focusy kind of pic! Or not.

The other butter butt.
Magnolia Warbly, trying so hard to blend in.

It's a good day when you see a Mourning Warbly as well as the Connecticut!

This Songster is giving me that squinty look.
I think he disapproves of my bloggity blog.

And Now!!!...
Another pointless feature because I'm running out of clever ideas to post at the end of my seemingly endless posts...

Harassing a messy Chestnutty-sided Warblything.

Hey You! You look like you just woke up! Fix them feathery feathers!
These pride anymore...

"Nag, nag nag! I was up all night flying here and the first thing,
you and your stoopid flash are disturbing my bug eating extravaganza!"

Touchy, aren't we?

"There! Is that better? You know anything about looking neat..."

Glad that's over, aren't you?


  1. Looks like they are better at playing hide and seek than you are ;-) At least you did not get any snake, but some nice hiding birds ;-)

  2. Thanks Bob!

    Oh Chris, I had a snake photo but I'll save it for you when you least expect it!