Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Uhhhh...more burdz...Mkay?

The American Redstart says "Yea...more burdz!"

So I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by a little too much rain and water in places where rain and water shouldn't be (I can hear you saying "On his brain?," not funny!)...May 13th...Magee Marsh...a good day to be a birder and a birder with a camera!

Hard to believe, butt I actually caught a few of them feathery funsters from the front! Every once in a while strange things happen with my camera that are out of my control...other than remembering to focus of course.

Okay, shut up Dave, let's see some burdies!

Speaking of American Redstarts!
If you scream real loud, they'll turn around for you.
Sometimes it scares the other birders near by, so be careful...
unless you can run faster than them...

It's a lady burd butt.
Actually it's a Black-throated Blue butt, but it is a lady burd.

Speaking of blue(great segue, eh?)
It's a Blue-headed Vireo.
Blue is a color that I know.
Knock off the color blind jokes.

We discovered why they are called "Common" Nighthawks.
There were three roosting in one tree and two in another!

I don't think golden slumbers filled their nether regions...

Guess who?

This is a Prothonotary Warbly thing.
I ran out of jokes.

This is a Tree Swallow.
Still nothing funny here...

"If YOU flew this far you'd smell a little gamey too!"

The poor Warbling Vireo can smell it from down here too!

"Put Your Wing DOWN Already!"
Not to mention the Yellow Warbly!

Sorry, I didn't mean to mention it...
Won't happen again.
(Yeah, right...)

Be careful when standing under a Yellow-billed Cuckoo.
They eat LARGE bugs, if you get my meaning...

AND NOW...Another not so exciting adventure of...

If you're out birding and you get bored, look for a Gray-cheeked Thrush.
They always fall for gags!

Watch this..

"Hey! Your shoes untied!"

See! They ALWAYS look and they don't even WEAR shoes!

They do have a bad temper though!
Make sure you have enough room to run away.

Okay kids, class is over. You can go play now...


  1. Great post Dave. Love the humour; and the birds.

  2. Oh Dave,
    Thank you sir for the laugh. Your shoes untied! Why is that so funny? Don't know but I'm laughing my "behind" off! Cheers to you!

  3. Hi there - what a silly / splendid / downright funny post. Some birders seem to forget it's meant to be fun! Although I suspect that you may not fall into this group!

    Thanks for a good laugh!

    Stewart M - Australia

  4. I love you man...

    It's a Texas thing... I think... but I don't unnerstand since I am a Yankee!

    Great post!!!

  5. What fun...AND some great bird shots!!!

  6. Thanks for laughing at my silliness! I appreciate you all.

  7. I am writing this with a big grin on my face.
    Funny post with lovely images...

  8. Lovely shots! The nighthawk is a great find, and I love that shot of the singing warbler!

  9. Excellent post once again Dave... If I love the last shot a lot, the post and the way you present it are as usually extremely well writen and very funny...

  10. Your pictures are as amazing as always!! Hope you'll stop by and enter my give-away. I think it's something you would enjoy!! ~karen

  11. Hey~Where are ya? taking a blogger vacation? Your not allowed to be gone that long. The birds demand more blogger time...and so do we..